Going Back In Time As A Soldier During The Vietnam War?

Dream 1

When I was in bed either before I went to sleep or after I woke up briefly, I remembered part of a forgotten dream from the previous night, but I accidentally went back to sleep without voice recording it so I mostly forgot it again.

I think that the dream involved me moving around (maybe walking) past / by various options / choices, my dad was possibly in the dream at some point, but that is all that I can remember now of this dream.

Dream 2

I had more dreams and there was more to this dream, but now all that I can remember of this dream possibly started as a dream within the dream but I am not sure.

I just know that I was in a dream and then there was a jump to a new dream scene (maybe I went to sleep and had a dream within a dream, but I have no idea) where I seemed to have traveled / been taken back in time, but I was not myself.

I was a man with dark-color skin with black hair in an afro (hairstyle) who was possibly a soldier in The United States military, and this dream seemed to be taking place in Vietnam possibly at night or during the evening during The Vietnam War inside what seemed to be a brothel with probably women from probably Vietnam (Vietnamese) working as prostitutes I assume but I only barely saw a few of them out the corner of my right eye without ever turning to look at them so I am not sure.

I was not myself, I was whoever this soldier was, and so my actions et cetera were not exactly what I would really do in this situation (almost like being fused with someone and / or not making the decisions at first).

I / The Soldier seemed to be at this assumed brothel with some other soldiers during some off-time I assume, and so we were trying to relax and I / The Soldier went along with his fellow soldiers even though it seemed that he / I had never done anything like this before and did not really want to.

I assume that the rest of the soldiers were further in the building with some women while an older male soldier with light-color skin who seemed to be over our unit or at least higher ranked than us was talking to me as we stood in the lobby I assume, and then he offered me a rectangular yellow / off-white brick of some kind of substance.

He told me what it was called but I can not remember the name of it, he told me that it was sweet and that it tasted like candy, and he told me to try some.

I did not really want to but I decided to try a piece of it, I accidentally broke off a larger piece than I had wanted, and the substance was about medium-soft and crumbly and it did taste sweet and a bit like candy.

I then realized that it was probably some illegal drugs mixed with something and then I regretted this decision even more, and I decided to lay down on a bed to try to sleep before the assumed drugs kick in so that I would not do something else that I regret.

I possibly started to slowly feel the assumed drugs start to take effect / affect, I am not sure if I went to sleep or what happened, I just know that the dream jumped to the future I assume.

I assume that I was the same soldier and I was walking in a parking lot with a man with light-color skin who was with The ATF (The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives), and he was explaining some things about The ATF because I seemed to be in the process of becoming a member.

I remember him telling me that there was a list of all the members of The ATF on it and that if accepted I would be added to that list, which possibly had active and inactive members, and I remember worrying what would happen if rival governments / intelligence agencies / criminal organizations / et cetera got a hold of this list and I assumed that someone probably already has and probably has already compromised some members through bribes and intimidation et cetera so I started to question if I should become a member or not.

I am not sure if I had any training or not yet, I do remember thinking that it was strange and a security risk for him to be telling me this before they even finished accepting me and doing all of the background checks, and so it seemed that they assumed that I would pass and that they were ready to accept me.

I guess my previous military experience et cetera impressed them or something, and then I also worried about that one time during the war when I tried what I assume was an illegal drug.

I worried that they would ask me about past drug use during a lie detector test, and that would possibly make me not eligible to become a member.

It seemed to be late afternoon as we walked and talked across a parking lot, I did not think that it was safe to be talking in the open about stuff like this either, but the dream possibly jumped to another dream scene where I was probably finally myself again.

It was day still and I was in the parking lot of a shopping center that looked somewhat like the shopping center by W Park in the city of D combined with somewhere else, and I was in an area of the parking lot that looked like the area almost near Subway.

There were automobiles and people outside in the parking lot, and two groups of people were arguing with each other like they were about to fight.

Both groups had some customized hearse-like cars that looked like cars from maybe the 1990s with one group having maybe custom candy green paint jobs and the other group had maybe custom candy blue paint jobs, the green hearse-like group had men and women in their group with a few people with light-color skin and medium-color skin and dark-color skin, and the blue hearse-like group had just older men with medium-color skin and dark-color skin.

Several people and me went to stop them from fighting, it took a lot of holding and pushing them back to separate them, but we managed to break it up and the green hearse-like group left in their cars slowly and suspiciously like they might try a drive-by shooting while the blue hearse-like group stood watching them and I stood with them to help if something went wrong.

The green group drove slowly and suspiciously by, so much so that the blue group and I reached to our pockets for guns just in case, I did not have a gun but I pretended to have one.

The green group smiled taunting us but they kept driving and we watched them until they left, and I remember one of the older men in the blue group and I saying how we thought that they were going to do a drive-by.

Everyone started to leave so I started walking away, and as I did this I noticed a tall man who seemed to be my former male classmate MW so I walked over to talk to him as we walked.

I asked him if he was MW but it seemed that he did not hear me correctly and he said no, and he started talking about our former male schoolmate MH who has the same first name as MW.

He mentioned the son of our former schoolmate MH, he said that his son was not really his son but that MH did not believe this or accept this or know this, and that his son’s real father was probably our former male classmate and schoolmate KW.

As he explained this and as he explained something about MH being on bad terms with some people he possibly sold drugs for I looked for an opening so that I could ask him again if he was MW, hoping that he would hear me properly this time, but I woke up as I did this.

The end,

-John Jr

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