Types Of Spanish Accents – Joanna Rants

Types Of Spanish Accents – Joanna Rants

What is it?

A YouTube video by the YouTube channel FLAMA called Types Of Spanish Accents – Joanna Rants.

Here is the description for the video above:

Many people speak Spanish… but we speak it in TOTALLY different ways. Dominicans don’t sound anything like an Argentinians. Meanwhile, Chileans sound like they’re speaking some sort of alien language. Thankfully, Joanna Hausmann is here to break it all down.

My Thoughts

The other day I was on YouTube when I saw a video in the related videos section or whatever it is called now that was by the YouTube channel FLAMA, and the video was called Types Of Spanish Accents – Joanna Rants:

I think that Joanna Hausmann has a lively personality and I have enjoyed the few videos that I have seen her in so far.

I wish that she would have done a few more accents though like Castilian Spanish.

The end,

  • John Jr

5 thoughts on “Types Of Spanish Accents – Joanna Rants

  1. Spanish speakers all sounded the same to me; that was until I actually studied the language then I began to take notice of the different accents to the point where I can tell where the speaker is from.
    Most Spanish speaking women I know have a lively personality, it’s what makes it fun to hang out with the……

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    • Hello True George,

      Thank you for sharing that because I was curious about that after watching this video.

      I can sometimes recognize some accents in several different languages even though I am at a beginner level (not even basic) in several languages.

      Sounds fun.

      Hopefully you are keeping your Spanish skills up so that you do not start forgetting some of the language.

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr

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