Running From A Giant Orc-Like Genie (Jinn)-Like Entity

I stayed up too late until I got too tired to finish my normal night routine, and I accidentally fell asleep on a living room couch.

So I never did get in bed, I still managed to save part of the end of two dreams, even though I had more.

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during the evening or night at a slightly fictional version of the parking lot and field area between the D Junior High School and the KRH Elementary School.

I was there with some other adults, maybe some former classmates of mine and some other people, and some young adults and some kids.

Some people were in the parking lot and some were in the field playing sports and doing other things, and there was a basketball court and soccer goals et cetera.

At some point, some of us started playing with a strange clear ball filled with air with a baseball in the center, and I remember complaining about how terrible the ball was.

The ball had a terrible bounce, it did not bounce much, it felt off-balanced, it felt strange, and it was just a bad ball for almost any sport.

I kept complaining as we tried to play with the ball, the others just wanted to have fun, so they were getting annoyed by my complaining.

Eventually I used a word that I never use, and I called the ball rubbish.

After saying this I paused a moment confused by this because that is not a word I use.

So I wondered why I was talking like that, maybe I also said it with a British accent of some kind, but I can not remember.

Perhaps I thought of Moment and how she once said that she sometimes uses a British word or spelling instead of an American one.

I decided to give up on the complaining, and maybe I gave up on playing with the ball.

Then I remember me or someone accidentally sliding a puppet.

There were some puppets in one area that looked like the puppets from The Muppets, across the court, and the court was so waxed and slippery that the puppet slid far and into the field.

People laughed at this, then they started sliding puppets across the court and into the field for fun, they were really enjoying this, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place during the day in maybe a fictional version of the city of D.

I was possibly with a young woman or woman with light-color skin and a young man or man with light-color skin, or they just joined me later in the dream.

I remember passing by The D Youth Baseball Field and the fairground and both areas looked a bit different with there also being a sunken baseball field with bleachers on where part of the fairground should be.

It was baseball season, I guess, so there were people playing baseball and crowds watching them.

I or we continued up the street until we reached a fictional long grassy hill area that was like its own trail that was on the left side of the street, and I or we walked on this area.

Near this area was potentially a covered bus stop / train stop / rest stop-like area, I am not sure what we or I did.

At some point, when I or we started walking along the long raised grassy trail, we saw a giant muscular green male orc-like genie (jinn)-like entity with black hair in a stereotypical genie (jinn) hairstyle with no shirt.

He had Middle Eastern style items like a thin giant scimitar with some kind of Middle Eastern-looking writing or symbols on it suddenly rising from behind the trees et cetera.

This entity was so giant that it reached the sky and that was only probably half of his body, but I can not remember.

This part of the dream felt like a video game, and so this felt like a boss fight in a video game.

The giant entity smiled and laughed and started talking to us about how he was about to attack us.

So we better decide between either running without looking back to run faster or running while looking back to try to avoid his scimitar attacks which will slow us down.

I decided to switch between both, I told the others, and then we started running for our lives in fear trying to create as much distance between this giant entity as we could; as we also tried to predict where his giant scimitar would land to avoid being killed.

Fortunately the giant entity was either slow or attacking very slowly which gave us time to dodge his scimitar, I remember having to dodge at least once, and his scimitar was bigger and longer than several buildings combined.

At some point since this seemed like a video game I decided to run quickly as I could without looking back briefly to see if I could reach a checkpoint that would activate a cutscene.

This worked, and I saw a floating dot near the end of the beginning of the trail that activated a cutscene.

After the cutscene ended we were at the sunken baseball field and the giant entity was back at the other area slowly moving to catch up with us.

A baseball game was going on, and we jumped in a strange roofless vehicle with many seats.

We tried to drive it up the hill to escape, but it could not go up the hill.

Then someone said, maybe the young woman or woman, and / or the dream world / video game told us, maybe text floating in the air and / or a voice, maybe female, that someone, whose name I can not remember, but it was probably a male name like Jeff or Jason or something like that, was waiting on us in maybe a nearby Jeep or truck or something like that.

I looked around trying to find the vehicle and the young woman or woman pointed to where it was, and then we ran for our lives to the automobile to escape before the giant entity reaches us.

But I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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