Ivory (Soap)

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What is it?

The American soap Ivory (the Original Scent is better than the Aloe Vera Scent in cleaning and smell and smell removal in my opinion, and so I recommend the Original Scent only) that was made by Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G) and was first introduced back in 1879.

What is it about?

This is how The P&G Shop describes this soap:

Ivory Bar Soap provides a simple, effective clean for the entire family without breaking the bank!

It is free of dyes and heavy perfumes and is 99.44% PURE.

Made in the USA, Ivory is recommended by 4 out of 5 moms and has been a proven and trusted brand for over 130 years.

Also try Ivory Body Wash for a simple clean that leaves skin smooth and hydrated (vs. regular soap).

Offers a simple, effective clean for the entire family.

4 out of 5 moms recommend it.

99.44% PURE (it floats!).

Free of dyes & heavy perfumes.

For beautiful-looking skin.

Proudly made in the USA.

What do I like about it and what might other people like about it?

I like that it is cheap, it cleans good and leaves my skin feeling cleaner than other soaps (but if you have very dry skin it might make your skin feel drier), it is milder than some soaps, it has various other uses (cleaning clothes, removing stains, removing makeup, facial cleaning, and you can even use it as fish bait), it floats, it does not usually turn into mush like some other soaps as it gets smaller, and it handles smells better than many soaps.

Final Thoughts

I bought some Ivory soap for Christmas last year because it was the cheapest soap that I saw in a family pack, I expected it to just be some generic mild soap with little cleaning or smell handling capabilities, and so I did not expect to like it.

I had heard of Ivory soap before but had not really tried it because it was so cheap, the packaging looked even cheaper, and I just thought it was a mild generic soap that would not be better than the other soaps that we used (usually Dial soaps and other random soaps).

When I opened the first bar of Ivory soap I was not impressed by the smell or look, the bar was thick enough though, and during the first time that I used it I had nothing but negative expectations and was basically hating on it as I used it still not impressed except for the fact that it could float.

But then as I continued taking my bath I noticed how much cleaner my skin was feeling as I washed the soap off, I thought maybe I was imagining things, and that there is no way that this cheap simple soap could clean this good and leave me feeling cleaner than any soap that I ever remember using before.

I took note of this and decide to pay attention each time that I used the soap to wash my hands, take a bath, clean my anti-snoring device, et cetera; and to my surprise and shock it did clean better than any soap that I can remember using and it did leave my skin feeling cleaner than any soap that I remember using.

How was this possible that a cheap simple soap that has been around for over 100 years was able to do all of this, that I had not really used it before, it does not seem to be as popular as it should be, et cetera.

Me and my family had missed out all these years by using worse and more expensive soaps when we could have been using Ivory for cheaper, and it is sad that the Ivory brand is not really advertised or promoted or talked about much now-a-days so most people probably do not know how good it really is and have never used it.

It was like stumbling on a secret hidden in plain sight, some generic cheap looking bars of soap sitting lonely on the shelves all these years that we never bothered to give a chance, who would have thought.

Since last Christmas no other soap that we have used has been better yet, and so at this time it is my favorite soap so I decided to do this post about it.

I fear that they might stop selling it now that me and my family like it, which happens with lots of products that we like, and since it does not seem to be as popular or promoted as it should be.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.


  1. I find it humorous that you wrote a review of soap. Personally I like Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap. A few things about ivory soap you may not know –

    1- Put a bar of it on a plate and then into the microwave for a minute or more. Make sure you put it in a microwave with a light. Watch it while it cooks in there. I won’t tell you what happens, but it’s pretty kool.

    2 – If you grate ivory soap into little bits, chop up pieces of toilet paper, and add water to texture, these 3 ingredients will make a kool dough you can form and play with.

    3 – When polishing rocks in a rock tumbler, after completing the final step of polishing, doing one last step of putting the polished rocks in a tumbler with water and grated ivory soap, will give a nice final cleaning and added polish to the stones.

    Ivory soap – Not just for washing your body, haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Moment,

      Yeah, it is kind of funny. 😀

      I had never heard of Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap before, thank you, and so I went to the main website and the front page image reminded me of the opening credits of the anime television show Paranoia Agent.

      1. Thanks, I actually saw a video of this by accident when I was looking for videos about Ivory soap. 😀

      2. Cool, thank you for sharing that, I had not heard about that one before.

      3. Wow, thanks, that is another one that I had not heard of before.

      It is interesting how many uses there are for Ivory soap.

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr


  2. Haha, I’d never actually been on their website before. I think I began using the soap before there was internet 🙂 That’s kool you found the video of the soap in the microwave. Did you try it out? I think it’s pretty neat even if it does waste a bar of soap. I heard about it from some TV show that had an episode of what not to put in the microwave. Then my friends and I put all those things in the microwave, haha. A raw egg is pretty neat in the microwave as well. It explodes into little cooked bits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Moment,

      I am surprised.

      That is a long time, you are fortunate to have used a better soap for so long.

      No, I did not try it out, I usually avoid microwave experiments; I wish I had a video to share of that one scene from the television show Burn Notice when the main character put something in a microwave to cause it to explode. 😀

      Did y’all eat the exploded cooked bits of egg afterward?

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I’ve only used the soap off and on throughout my life.

        No, we didn’t eat the egg afterwards. haha. But when I do the soap experiment with kids I nanny, I then let them carve it up and play with it so it serves a dual purpose.

        Liked by 1 person

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