Mitchell Ellison And Video Game Development | Sneaking Through An Invaded Kingdom | My Cousin DE And Washing Clothes In The Alley

Dream 1

This dream possibly started during the day with me being at the house of my parents, my male cousin DE was unstable and he was around the area, and maybe he came over wanting my mom to take him somewhere; either way my mom left at some point.

The next thing that I remember is a job place where some people were developing a video game, their boss was or looked like the character Mitchell Ellison from the television show Daredevil, and he was not happy about something that they were doing so he complained to them about something that I can not remember.

The next thing that I remember is being inside the house of my parents, there was a bag of stuff on the porch along with a lot of other stuff belonging to my family, and at some point I saw someone on the porch so I walked outside to see what they wanted.

I saw a woman with short black hair and dark-color skin leaving the porch to leave the yard heading to an automobile outside the fence that was turning around so that they could pick her up, the person on the porch accused the woman and maybe who ever was in the automobile of stealing our stuff on the porch, and then I noticed that the bag was gone and that our stuff on the porch was on the ground like someone had been in the process of loading it up on an automobile.

The woman hurried away without turning around and the automobile was moving quickly too like they were attempting to escape, some items were missing it seemed, and so I took a photograph of their license plate so that I could let the police know.

First I was going to see what the person on the porch wanted, I assumed that this person was trying to sell something, and then I would call the police about the assumed theft.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I was in a small kingdom or village or country where The E House is, there were at least two other kingdoms or villages or countries next to us, and like ours theirs were basically the size of several properties along my parents street and the street that The E House is on.

At some point one of the kingdoms invaded the other, their kingdom seemed to be just one castle-like building and some land, and during the invasion I needed to reach an area on the other side of the kingdom being invaded so I started sneaking through an open ditch-like tunnel that was close to the entrance of our kingdom (which was the gate of The E House closest to the boat port) and in front of the kingdom being attacked.

Connected to this open tunnel was a normal tunnel with a double-door entrance to the gate of the kingdom being attacked, I took this route, but at some point I had to go through the castle-like building to reach my destination outside so I had to go through the building where the invasion was taking place.

Somehow I had the ability to go invisible like the character Meleoron from the anime (animated) television show Hunter x Hunter, who has a nen ability called Perfect Plan (神の不在証明パーフェクトプラン God’s Alibi), that allows him to go invisible and be undetectable in several other ways as long as he is holding his breath.

I started sneaking through the building trying to hold my breath to stay invisible, I could not hold my breath for long each time so I would only stay invisible briefly (once again I was able to breathe in a dream, which is super rare to know if I am breathing or not in dreams), and so someone saw me so I stopped using this ability and I just started sneaking around and trying to blend in.

Eventually I reached an upper floor where people were starting to gather to watch the news about the invasion, the invading force had already won mostly it seemed, and so the invading citizens were gathering to watch the news of their victory so I decided to stand there watching and then leave while they were all distracted.

But I woke up as I was leaving to reach my destination outside.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day and my male cousin DE was unstable and he kept trying to and walking over to the house of my parents.

In our alley where the pet cages should be were some washing machines and clothes driers, and I took some of my clothes there to wash them and maybe my mom had some other clothes there so I washed both of them but I am not sure if I washed them together or not.

I heard my dad, my brother GC, and either my brother TDC or KDC talking and complaining and joking on the front porch about my male cousin DE constantly trying to and walking over to the house repeatedly and annoyingly.

I heard my brother GC telling the others that our male cousin DE needs to stop, and maybe they started laughing; DE was not there at this time so he did not hear this.

When I went back to the alley to check my clothes I saw that there were more clothes in more of the washing machines, I was not sure which were mine, and I went to dry them and try to figure out which were mine but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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