A Warehouse? | A New House & Yard

I had at least one other dream that I remembered but I did not record it after waking up and going back to sleep, and so that dream is forgotten now.

Dream 1

I possibly had a dream with my former male classmate DH in it and it was possibly this dream, but I can not remember.

This dream was possibly part of the forgotten earlier parts of the next dream but I am not sure, either way, I remember being with some of my family (my dad, at least one of my brothers, and maybe several others).

I think that it was late afternoon or early evening and we possibly walked across a field with a large warehouse-like building in the middle of it, we went inside, and it seemed to be closed for the day and the employees were gone; we possibly assumed that it was abandoned at first and / or we were here for a specific reason, but I can not remember

But then maybe a thin male employee with light-color skin wearing work clothes and a baseball style work hat returned, and so maybe we went to hide and / or leave but I can not remember; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place late in the afternoon or early evening when the sun was starting to set a little, and I was at a nice large fictional one-story house that my family and I had recently moved into; and in this dream I had fictional sister with maybe dark-light color skin or very light medium-color skin with long maybe brown hair who was maybe about my age.

This house reminded me of a somewhat smaller slightly different version of a house and yard in one of my past dreams where a large alligator or crocodile showed up in the yard, and it seemed to possibly be next to B Park in the city of D on the left side.

At the end of the dream I was walking through several parts of the house, I went into a large pretty empty family-like room / multi-purpose room that had a television that was on, and I saw a television commercial with the actor James Franco wearing dress clothes and some of this friends were in the commercial too like the actor Seth Rogen.

The commercial was for Gold Bond body powder, they were inside a house getting ready for a party or event, and Mr. Franco was holding a power blue color bottle of Gold Bond maybe medicated and / or menthol mint-like body powder and he was telling Mr. Rogen about it and how he had put some on before getting dressed.

The commercial was comedic with inside jokes and maybe it broke the fourth wall at times, and there was a goofy scene of a fake smile being put over Mr. Franco’s face as he held up the bottle of body powder after smelling his own armpits while Mr. Rogen struggled to put body powder on from a white bottle in the background.

In the dream I had false memories of Mr. Franco appearing in a lot of commercials recently, and so I wondered why he was in so many commercials for random stuff like this; and so I wondered if he just needed the money or something.

I possibly saw that it was getting a bit dark through the window blinds so I decided it was time to go around the house closing the window blinds, I possibly turned off the television but I can not remember, and then I went to a smaller nearby room to check the blinds.

While closing the blinds in a narrow window with narrow blinds, I noticed part of the backyard, and then I realized that I had not been in the backyard since we had been here and it seemed that we were possibly next to B Park because I saw a pull-up bar or something near our unfenced yard; and so I decided to go outside to explore the backyard finally.

On my way to do this I saw my fictional sister and I told her, she also had not been in the backyard yet so she decided to join me, and we both walked outside into the backyard.

The grass had been recently cut so the yard looked good, there were some trees giving us some privacy from our neighbors to our left and their grass was nicely cut as well and they did not have a fence, and so it was not clear where either yard ended.

Behind us was another row of trees with a clearing behind them with a forest behind that, to our right was a small maybe wooden fenced in sitting area for our yard, next to that was the pull-up bar and maybe the walking / jogging trail for B Park, and so we both were happy and curious to explore more and to figure out which areas were ours and which areas we could explore and to see what was in the forest and to visit the park often.

We both wondered why we had not explored this sooner, we talked about the various possibilities and what we wanted to do and explore first, but I woke up as we started to walk around to explore.

The end,

-John Jr

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