Visiting The Church Of My Dad’s Friend

I do not feel like typing my dreams, and so I will just use the text notes that I made of the dream from bed on my mobile phone with some edits.

All that I can remember is that at some point in the dream I was in a shopping mall where my fictional short girlfriend who was probably from somewhere in Asia (Asian) like maybe Vietnam or Thailand or The Philippines girlfriend worked.

I saw and I possibly explored an isolated dark familiar area with strange things (maybe paranormal and/or supernatural), I sometimes have dreams with places like this, and part of me is afraid of the unknown and possible threats and part of me wants to explore those areas.

The area is possibly at risk of being lost/destroyed/sold/remodeled/or something, I am not sure if any of my family owns it or not, but I do not want to see that happen so I hoped that someone in my family owned it and if not I wanted to see if I could buy it.

I visit my fictional girlfriend who works inside the mall at a stand or something in the middle of a walking area, and she complains about me not answering my mobile phone and that she has been calling/texting me.

I explained to her that I did not know and the situation about strange area in the mall, she probably stopped being mad at me, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next thing that I remember is being inside a Christian church of a male friend of my dad, the friend was also the pastor of the church, and the friend/pastor had light-color skin and he had a 1970s style hairstyle and sideburns and suit and tinted glasses that made him look a bit like a combination of Elvis Presley and Jimmy Swaggart from that time period.

I am wearing a T-shirt and jogging pants, to my surprise and confusion and disappointment, and I wished that I could change into better clothes and I wondered how and why did I go to church dressed like this; and I hoped that no one would notice.

I tell my family a story or dream about me walking during day near a racist church through a racist town of people with mostly or only light-color skin.

Several times several people drove at me closely almost hitting me like they wanted to hit me and scare me away from their town.

My former male schoolmate JC walked over warning me about this racist city telling me that we needed to get out of here now, and he walked me across the bridge out of this city.

After telling my story I was still in the church, a male auto mechanic with light-color skin who knows my was dad there sitting near my family and I, and a bride and groom with light-color skin wearing their wedding clothes who were there to get married were standing near the pastor as they waited for more people to arrive for their wedding.

The church looked a bit like a museum, it actually had old objects on display from this state and city et cetera, and it looked nice and felt comfortable so I looked around as we waited.

My dad knew the auto mechanic’s son, who is also an auto mechanic, and my dad wanted them to work on/fix one of our automobiles one day.

My dad told the father that he had asked his son if he would fix one of our automobiles but that he declined because he was busy or something.

The dream jumped to future, we met the auto mechanic and his son, and they were dying of cancer and they did not have long to live and were in rough shape and the father was maybe in a wheelchair with maybe most of his hair missing.

They said that they were ready to fix the automobile that my dad wanted them to fix, they wanted to fix it before they die and they were ready to start now before it was too late, but I woke up.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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