Rob Thomas Performing Smooth At A Rooster Teeth Event

This dream took place at a Rooster Teeth event, and I remember being there sitting at a table eating and drinking among the groups of other people there.

Some of my former coworkers were there eating and drinking as well like my former male classmates JS and RM, and Rob Thomas and his band were there performing the song Smooth (that he made with Santana) live but Rob Thomas seemed to be lip-syncing to my surprise and it looked like his band was possibly not even really playing their musical instruments but I was not sure and I could be wrong about that because even in the dream I was not sure but that is what it seemed like.

The next thing that I remember is seeing part of an episode of a newer season of a fictional HBO TV show, but I can not remember what the TV show was about now because I did not record part of this dream until later after going back to sleep.

The last thing that I remember is being inside a house with my parents, I had invited them to watch maybe the first episode of the first season of the fictional HBO TV show from earlier in the dream, but to my shock and confusion and embarrassment this first episode started with nudity and sex and maybe Satanism and other things that I did not see in that part of an episode from a newer season of this fictional HBO TV show.

It was so bad that I stopped the video after only a couple of minutes or less, I did not think that my parents could handle more of this, and I was shocked and embarrassed because I did not expect this and I had invited my parents to watch it.

But I woke up as I talked to my parents about this and apologized to them.

The end,

-John Jr

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