Waking + Time + Minako Honda Kaze No Uta

I went to bed too late and I had to wake up for a dentist appointment in the morning out of town, so I did not get enough sleep, and I forgot most of my dreams.

I remember waking up several times to check the time and go back to sleep, during this time I had dreams connected with me keeping track of the time so that I would not oversleep, and so that I could wake up and get ready for my dentist appointment.

During one or more of these dreams the dream or dreams also followed a man and a woman, they were a couple who lived in another country, and they were on their way to another country.

I am not sure if they were leaving to immigrate or vacation or if they had a doctor’s or dentist appointment as well, I just know that they were traveling, and the dream or dreams would sometimes jump back to them driving and talking.

At some point I woke up with the first ending credits theme song for the anime TV show Hunter x Hunter (1999) called Kaze No Uta by Minako Honda on my mind.

Ending Credits


The end,

-John Jr

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