An Inappropriate Reality TV Game Show

I had more dreams and there was more to this dream, but I forgot my other dreams and most of this dream; but I do remember some of this dream.

Part of this dream possibly involved a college, and at some point in the dream I remember being inside a metal building where The BP School Board Computer Department is.

I was there with some other people but I can not remember the details, I remember leaving at some point, there was a male police officer with light-color skin with short blonde hair sitting outside the building to the right, I greeted him as I walked by, and I walked through some neighborhoods.

I am not sure if I walked to or through the college, I just remember walking outside / inside a building, there was one area that you had to climb down to, and it was some sort of play-like area for families where families could use a ladder to get to and from it and they could do various challenges for exercise and to experience a bit of nature or something.

I remember several families being there, at some point I asked one of the families if I could use their ladder to climb back out, they said yes and I thanked them, I climbed back out, and then I went to a large room where my mom seemed to be staying.

I assume that some of the rest of our family and I probably stayed there too, but just my mom and my sister-in-law JC were there; JC was there visiting while I worked on some computers.

At some point JC left, my mom and I realized that JC had left something, I told my mom to call JC, but my mom said that JC just got a new phone or only had a temporary phone that she did not have the number for; and so my mom left to see if she could catch up with JC.

My mom left by automobile, the next thing that I remember is my brother GC was watching a reality TV game show, and I noticed that it seemed to be promoting or featuring homosexuality and sexual content surprisingly / oddly among the normal game show obstacle course-like challenges.

Most or all of the contestants were men with medium-to-dark color skin possibly, I could be wrong and maybe there were some women and maybe some people with light-color skin, and I remember that they would have to stand face-to-face.

In the first challenge they possibly had to take off some of each others clothing, touch arms, touch the side of the other person and maybe their nipples, then get on their knees like they are about to perform oral sex or something but the camera would turn away, it would turn back to them getting back on their feet, and then they would run to the next challenge together.

This show seemed inappropriate, annoying, forced, unnecessary, et cetera; and I wondered how was it on normal TV, and I walked away to do something else since I had no interest in watching that show and my brother GC probably stopped watching it as well.

I woke up not long after as I turned my attention to something else.

The end,

-John Jr

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