Paranormal Activity? & Quentin Tarantino & Maria También

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during a gray day, and I was at a larger fictional version of The E House with some of my family like my dad & some family members from my mom’s side of the family like my uncle EE & some of my younger cousins.

The house was still in rough condition, but it was shockingly larger with covered walkways.

While we were at the house, something possibly paranormal and / or supernatural happened that scared most of the others, I did not see or experience it, and so I am not sure what happened.

I believed them even though I did not see or experience whatever it was, but maybe I also sensed that something weird had happened and / or was going on.

Everyone wanted to leave the house immediately, and so I had them start leaving the house while I turned off all the lights & other electrical devices while making sure that all the doors & windows were closed & locked.

During this, I still did not see or hear anything, but maybe I sensed something.

After this I walked outside using the covered walkways until I reached the yard where the others were trying to eat & talk at some tables outside.

My uncle EE was complaining that no one wanted to spend enough money to completely remodel The E House, and that they were just doing minor repairs only.

The next thing that I remember is I went inside a building that was like a large room for gatherings with tables et cetera for eating & drinking et cetera.

There were a variety of people there sitting at tables eating & talking et cetera.

The building was also designed like a cafeteria, and it had white square hard tiled floors.

I sat at the last table on the left side of the room with my female coworker JB & several other people (I am not sure who the other people were, and JB barely stood out enough for me to remember compared to how she usually stands out more in my dreams), and the movie director Quentin Tarantino was sitting by himself at the first table on the right side of the room.

So he was completely on the opposite side of the room from us.

At some point Mr. Tarantino got up to maybe get some food, and the song Maria También by Khruangbin started playing from some speakers somewhere in the building I assume.

Khruangbin: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

I assumed that Mr. Tarantino would like that song, because it sounds like something that would be in one of his movies, but he made a negative facial expression like he did not like the song.

He saw me looking at him, and I made a joking facial expression & I smiled & laughed to let him know that I liked the song & that I saw that he did not seem to like it & that I was surprised / disappointed.

But then I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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