Talking To GC In The Breakfast Room Of The E House

This dream took place during the night or late in the evening, like in real life, I was having difficulty trying to sleep in the dream, so in the dream I could not sleep.

I got out of bed in the dream and I went outside to walk to the yard of The E House, I noticed that the windows to the breakfast room were open, so I walked over to them.

My brother GC was inside the breakfast room, so I climbed through an open window into the breakfast room to talk to him.

GC told me that our mom was sleeping on a couch inside The E House for unknown reasons, and we continued talking.

As we were talking, I heard our mom talking to someone in the kitchen, which is connected to the breakfast room by a door, which was partly open.

I assumed that she was talking to our aunt ME, based on the voice I heard.

At some point when I was leaving back out the window to return home, I heard my assumed aunt ME saying goodbye to two young women.

As I was walking through the yard I saw them, the two young women had dark-color skin with long black hair, and they were walking toward the bus stop.

They did not see me as I left the yard back to my parents house, and then I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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