Attending A Wizarding (Magical) School (College)

Italiano: Interno Bagno Chimico

This dream was inspired by the video game Hogwarts Legacy / the Harry Potter franchise / the Wizarding World franchise.

Hogwarts Legacy – Official Launch Trailer 4K

In this dream, I was attending a Wizarding (Magical) School (College) like in the Harry Potter / Wizarding World franchise.

It was probably my first year because I do not remember doing any magic, so it felt more like normal college.

I was just a new low-income / lower class student who lived there in the cheapest & worst college dorm (dormitory) room, and my former male classmate PM was my roommate.

The cheap dorms were several small buildings / rooms that were scattered in a small field outside the college near a park-like area.

Our dorm room / building was basically like a large square windowless plastic portable toilet (porta-potty) / empty plastic chemical container-like building / room that was a single room with possibly no furniture that was all one slightly transparent piece of plastic.

As a dorm room, it was not large, there was not much room, it had no plumbing, but I can not remember if it had electricity or not.

It was a terrible layout without windows, furniture, space, privacy, insulation, a bathroom, et cetera; it was honestly not fit to live in.

Some of us students seemed to be treated poorly, like they did not care about us, and our only bathroom was a public portable toilet & maybe public bathroom that was in the park.

Maybe new lower income / lower class students who were not yet part of a house & who could not do magic yet got treated poorly or something like that.

So when ever we needed to use the bathroom, we had to walk to the nearby park.

Near our terrible dorms were some moving trees and metal trees in the distance, the moving trees could move on their own, and would literally move to different parts of the field.

I am not sure if the metal trees could move themselves or not, I just know that the metal trees were at least partly made of metal, which makes no sense.

I guess both were special magical trees or something like that.

At the end of the dream, my roommate PM and I returned from classes for the day during the evening back to our terrible plastic dorm room.

I needed to use the bathroom, so I walked off to try to find the public bathroom in the park; and I hoped that it was open 24 hours a day.

I saw a male security guard with light-color skin wearing a black security guard uniform doing a patrol, so I asked him where the bathroom was & if it was open 24 hours a day.

He told me that it was down the nearby spiral walkway / stairway, that there were showers in there too, but I can not remember if it was open 24 hours a day or not.

I do remember complaining to him about the bathroom situation as we went our separate ways.

I woke up as I walked toward the spiral walkway / stairway.

The end,

  • John Jr

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