Israel & The United States Secret Attack Plan On Iran

The last dream I had last night was about a secret plan that the United States (USA) and Israel had planned, and that would be used to attack Iran.

I was a Special Forces soldier for the USA, and my team’s mission was to help an Israeli Special Forces team.

We had a small secret military base hidden in or very close to Iran, and we were finding places in Iran that could be marked as places to attack.

Places like military buildings, secret nuclear buildings, bunkers, and other places to limit Iran’s communication and electrical capabilities during our main attack.

My team and the Israeli team also were doing surveillance on some of Iran’s military leaders and political leaders.

Our teams had already marked places that our Navy and Air force could attack with cruise missiles and other types of missiles & bombs.

The plan of Israel and the USA was to have Israel do a secret attack on one of Iran’s nuclear research buildings, so that Iran would attack Israel, and the USA would join the battle to help Israel.

The plan was to do fast surprise attacks all over Iran, before the Iranian military could do anything.

We were going to take out their air force, their major military bases, and other places, so they could not defend against our infantry.

So the first attack would be bombings from our Navy, Air force, and bombs set by our special forces.

Also, we had Special Forces soldiers in the country, ready to do special targeted attacks.

My team and the Israeli team’s main mission was to attack the president’s palace and take him hostage.

We were not going to kill him or hurt him, our mission was to take him and the palace hostage.

We were going to do this after the bombing attacks, we already had spies that were watching the palace.

My team was taking the Israeli team to our base, when suddenly our driver thought that someone shot at our vehicle, so she started driving fast.

We made it to the base safely, and we started preparing for the attack.

Everything seemed like the perfect plan, by our estimates we would have most of the Iranian military defeated in 24 hours; but we would have to deal with attacks after the main victory, just like in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Then I woke up,

  • John Jr 🙂

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