The Mall Repeating Dream | Boogey John? | Lady #1 Or Lady #2 | Hurricane Dorm?

The Mall Repeating Dream

My first dream is from about two weeks ago, so I forgot some of the details, but I do remember the dream that started at a mall.

I believe I was an employee at the mall and my job was to deal with computer problems that any stores in the mall were having, so I would walk around the mall checking with each store to make sure their computers were running properly.

There was one place in the mall that seemed to be a small place were accountants or behind the scenes bank workers work at, and at this place there was a particular female employee that caught my attention.

She seemed to be slightly older than me and seemed to be a professional that deals with money, her office was made of mostly glass and had a modern look to it, and she seemed to be having a small computer problem.

The woman seemed to know me or at least was used to seeing me, and she started to tell me about her computer problem and we started to talk while I fixed her computer; I fixed her computer problem in about two minutes.

I found the woman to be beautiful and interesting, but I did not think I stood a chance with her since she seemed to be much more professional, successful, and better looking than myself; so I decided to keep my distance, but to my surprise she seemed to be interested in me.

I had to continue my job checking out computers in the mall and she had to continue working, so I told her that hopefully we could talk tomorrow, and we both said goodbye.

Shortly after that it was time for me to go home for the day so I walked past the mall security guard and went to the parking lot, and in the parking lot I noticed a group of men.

The group of men looked like a poor street gang from Africa, except for one of the men.

The one man in the group that stood out looked like he was a citizen of Africa that had come to the United States (USA) to try to get citizenship here also, and he was dressed a little better than the others.

The leader of the group handed the man a handgun, and the man started to walk toward the mall & passed right by me.

I had a bad feeling but did not want them to know that I seen the gun, so I decided to wait until he walked into the building and I would walk past the rest of the gang & go call the police.

Before I could call the police, I think I heard gun shots.

The dream then repeated and I was walking around checking the computers in the mall and then I stopped at the office with the woman again, and same things happened again until I left the mall again.

This time the man seemed nervous about going into the mall with the gun and nervously passed the security guard, and the security guard noticed the gun in his pocket & so the security guard pulled out his gun and told him to stop.

The gang of men then started shooting at the security guard, and so the man ran into the mall in a rush and he set/placed a bomb in the mall.

The man and the gang of men ran and an explosion happened; then the dream restarted.

I followed the same mall routine but as I talked with the woman & fixed her computer, I realized that the dream had repeated this time.

I decided that this time I would stop the man and the gang from attacking the mall.

When I walked outside of the mall this time I saw the gang give the man the gun, but he seemed nervous and as he passed me, I told him to give me the gun.

I told him that I knew what he was going to do and I told him that I wanted to help stop this attack.

He was afraid of the gang, and said that they were forcing him to do it.

He said that we came to the USA to live with his cousin and become a citizen, but did not know that his cousin was the leader of a gang.

He said that his cousin forced him to join the gang or he would have him sent back to Africa.

I told him that I would try to help him and that I would try to stop the attack, so I had a plan, and told him to give me the gun.

He gave me the gun without the gang of men seeing and I told him to tell the gang to stay in the parking lot, and to not help with the attack because you got something special planned.

So he walked over to the gang and told them, and then I told him to go into the mall & tell the security guard to lock the doors and call the police.

So he did that, while I hid behind some automobiles watching the gang of men to make sure they would not try to attack anyone.

My plan seemed to be working, the man would not use the bomb & he had no gun, the gang of men were in the parking lot & no one was being hurt, the mall was locked so they could not get in, and the police were on their way without the gang of men knowing.

I had the gun in my pocket if the police needed some help, and then I heard police sirens; but I woke up.

Boogey John?

I had this dream about two weeks ago also and I do not remember much of it, and a key part of the dream is blurry.

All I remember is that my dad, my brother D, my brother CC, and I were at my grandfather’s house.

The house was very dark, no one else was there except us & something unknown that was stalking us, and we had weapons.

My brother CC & I had Daisy Red Ryder BB guns, my dad had a baseball bat, and my brother D had a stick.

We were on the first floor of the house in the bedroom in the middle of the house, and I was leading the search for whatever was stalking us.

I decided that we should split up into two teams so my dad & I would check the hallway on the left, while my brother CC & my brother D would search the hallway on the right, and then we would all search the living room before going upstairs.

We split up and started our slow & quiet search, but as my dad & I were searching the bathroom, we heard my brother scream so we ran through the living room toward the hallway.

In the hallway my brother D was on the floor and my brother CC looked shocked, I asked my brother CC what happened and he said that something pushed my brother D on the ground but it ran when it heard us coming to help.

He said that it ran into the bedroom by the living room, but he did not see what it was exactly.

Fortunately my brother D was okay so we surrounded the bedroom and I made up an attack plan.

My plan was to have my brother CC stay in the hallway to make sure that nothing would attack us from the living room, my brother D would make sure nothing would attack us from the hallway, my dad would stand outside of the door to the bedroom, and I would go into the bedroom alone to face the thing that was stalking us.

I told my dad not to come into the room unless I called for help, and then I walked into the room with the Red Ryder BB gun.

I was pretty scared but I wanted to face the thing that was stalking us and that had tried to attack my brother, this thing could have even killed some of my family members, but I can not remember the beginning of the dream; so I do not know.

Standing across the room was what appeared to be a person and it did not look scary, but I can not remember what it looked like exactly, I think its appearance changed a few times.

At first I think it looked like a faceless man with pale white colored skin maybe and/or it looked like me and/or it changed its looks to look like me; I can not remember.

It seem to be waiting for me and it was smiling, and it seemed to know that I was scared and it was enjoying that.

The door was closed so I was in the room alone and the room was dark, my heart was beating fast, but I was angry & ready to attack.

I asked it what it was and what it wanted, but it just smiled and said that my gun would not hurt it and that I could not hurt it.

I was scared and angry, and decided to just attack it so I ran at it and started to hit it with my BB gun, but it did not hurt it.

It started to laugh a little so I backed away in fear and ran to the door, and I was about to tell my dad to come help but I realized that my fear is what made it invincible/stronger/more powerful.

I was not sure about my guess but I decided to try to test my hypothesis/guess, so I gave my BB gun to my dad and took his baseball bat; and I went back into the room.

When I went back into the room, it started to slowly walk toward me and smiling, so I closed my eyes & took a deep breath; to help make the fear go away and so help me relax.

Then I dropped the baseball bat, which made it stop, and then I told it that I was not afraid of it anymore.

It was not worried and it still could sense the fear in me, but I suddenly made my fear go away and I ran toward it.

I punched it in the stomach and it made the most shocked, confused, and painful face I have ever seen in a dream; it acted like it had never felt pain before, so my plan had worked.

I then started to punch it, to tell it that it was not invincible, to tell it that I knew that it fed off of fear, and then I started taunting it as I attacked it.

I then got the baseball bat as it laid on the floor in pain and shock, and I started to hit it with the baseball bat; but I woke up.

Lady #1 or Lady #2

This dream is about a week old and I only remember a bit of it.

I was driving in a fictional version of B, Texas with two women, and we appeared to be looking for the Golden Corral buffet restaurant.

One of the women had blonde hair and looked like a slightly younger version of Kate Winslet, and the other woman had red hair and looked like another actress but I do not know her name.

It was daytime and we did not know where we were going, we got stopped by a train so we stopped to take a break at a playground near a bridge.

I remember feeling a connection with both women and I liked both women, and I was having a hard time trying to decide which woman I should try dating.

This dream had a very nice feeling to the dream, like my emotions were amplified or something, it was like my hormones were clouding my judgment.

The dream got a little touchy-feely (if that made sense), but it managed to not get too sexual.

At one point the woman with red hair got stuck in a set of ropes on the playground equipment while me and the woman with blonde hair were talking , so me and the woman with blond(e) hair had to help her get unstuck.

Then the three of us walked back my automobile together as I talked to them and I finally decided that I liked the woman with red hair better, but I still wished that I could choose both women (which is not like me at all in real life/which is out of character for me in real life); but then I woke up.

Hurricane Dorm

I had this dream last night, but I only remember some of it and the beginning of the dream is blurry.

I remember my parent’s driving me to a college dorm in L, and I went inside the building alone while they waited outside.

Inside I remember seeing a female janitor cleaning a room that appeared to be empty, and there appeared to be no one else around.

I walked to a dorm room but this is where things are blurry, I remember seeing some of my stuff in the room, but I am not sure if I put it there or if it was already there.

The female janitor left, so I decided to go look at the room and see if it really was empty, I think I was going to move my stuff into that room instead if it was empty.

The room appeared to be empty at first, but I noticed a tennis bag on the floor that had “Justine Henin” written on it (yes, the letters actually made sense and I could read them, which is kind of rare in dreams for some people).

So I guess someone did live in that the room and maybe they were a Justine Henin fan or maybe it was Ms. Henin, and so I went back to the other room that had my stuff in it.

On my way back to the room I saw the female janitor again, and she said that a hurricane was coming and that most people had already left.

She said that she was about to leave, so I looked out of a window (which is rare) and the weather had started to get a bit bad outside.

I then walked back to the room to start packing my stuff so that I could leave, but then my brother C and my friend JC came into the room.

The dream started to get a little weird, the room then had a very tall ceiling and it had a set of metal things to climb on.

My brother C and JC started to climb up the metal things for fun, and told me to try it, so I did, but once we got to the top; we did not know how to get back down.

I was up high and I was scared, so I tried to slowly climb back down, while JC was daring me to jump down.

I decided to jump down to another metal thing, instead of jumping all the way down, but as I was jumping I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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