The Patient & Detective Stabler & Helo (Karl Agathon) The Doctor

Last night I remembered my last dream, it took place in a windowless building that appeared to be a school or college, and I was walking in a hallway that had lockers & classrooms.

As I turned to walk into another hallway I heard screams and I saw people running out of a room, and they all seemed to be dressed for a dance or party.

I heard some people saying that a man walked into the room and either started shooting a gun, or detonated a few small bombs, or started shooting fireworks.

Many people were in the hallway and were panicking, and then I saw a husband, wife, and daughter in the hallway that seemed to be the ones that were over/throwing/having/hosting the party.

The daughter was crying and saying that her party was ruined, I walked over to them and started to listen & follow them, acting like a security guard.

I was still not sure if the man who attacked the party was still around or not and I wanted to stop him if he came back.

I told the family that the party will not be ruined and that everyone should move to some safe rooms until the party room is secured, so they started to walk everyone to other rooms in another hallway.

I then walked to the party room to secure the area, but some security guards were already there and they told me that the suspect was taken to a room near the office, so I headed to find the suspect.

I saw the office and up that hallway I saw a female security guard standing outside of a room, she told me that the suspect was being checked by a doctor in the room behind her.

I looked through a glass opening on the door and saw a man my age trying to fight a doctor and his assistant, so the assistant grabbed him and the doctor injected him with a needle, and that seemed to calm him down.

Then Detective Elliot Stabler walked up to the female security guard and I, and asked me if I was ready to question the suspect; I guess I was a detective and Stabler was my partner.

We asked the female security guard if we could question the suspect now and she said yes, and so we went inside the room.

The room looked like a classroom and even had some people my age sitting at desks, they were not talking and were almost like zombies, in the sense that they appeared to be so drugged that they were sitting there almost mindlessly.

Standing was the doctor and his assistant, the doctor was the actor that played Helo (Karl Agathon) from Battlestar Galatica and his assistant looked like a steroid using / pumped version of Maryann Forrester’s servant Karl from True Blood.

The doctor greeted Stabler and I, and told us that he was the doctor here; he also said that he dealt with people with mental problems, that seemed to be his specialty.

We asked him if we could question the suspect and he said yes, and so we started to ask the suspect questions.

The suspect seemed semi-drugged and afraid to talk, and he would not answer most of our questions.

After a while I really wondered what was bothering him, it seemed like he was really afraid of something; so we stopped asking him questions and started to ask the doctor about him.

The doctor said that the suspect was one of his patients, and that he has tried to help him with some mental problems that he is having.

He said that the treatments have helped but sometimes he loses control and does something crazy, like when he attacked the party with fireworks earlier, fortunately no one was hurt.

I asked the doctor what was he doing to treat these patients and a few other questions, the doctor paused and seemed to not like the question, then the suspect interrupted and started to talk loudly.

He started to tell us that he did not like being drugged by the doctor and did not like his treatments, and he was about to tell us more but the doctor interrupted him & the doctor was very angry; I realized that the doctor was hiding something, and so I hinted to Stable that we should leave for now.

The suspect wanted to say more but I told him that is enough for now and I thanked the doctor, pretending that we did not suspect him of anything, and I told Stabler that we should go; even though he wanted to ask more questions, and wondered why I wanted to leave so fast.

I waited until we got outside to tell Stabler why I wanted to leave so fast, I told him that I suspected the doctor was hiding something and that the suspect had useful information that will help us, but we must question him when the doctor & his assistant are not around.

Stabler agreed that was a good idea and then we were about to go tell the family that the party can continue, and then we were going to continue our investigation, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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