My Grandmother DE & The Alien (Something) Robots & / Or Aliens Are Coming & / Or Here & / Or Will Make Their Presence Known?

Lazy Overview:

Last night I only remembered part of two dreams with my first dreaming taking place in the daytime with my family and either a female politician and/or some female celebrity was with us, we were driving/riding in our automobile, on our way back to a hotel or apartment.

The woman was talking about a joke she had made on TV saying that she and/or Ann Coulter and/or Sarah Palin was her/their aunt.

She said that Ann Coulter or Sarah Palin was having a fundraiser dinner or a dinner at the hotel or apartment that we were staying at, and that we could get in free and/or get in probably; since she was a celebrity and/or politician and her aunt joke probably would allow her, and therefore us, to attend the dinner.

The building was a one floor building I think and looked somewhat like a mini-mall or shopping center or civic center from the outside, and we went inside; my family had an apartment or hotel suite in the building and I did not feel like attending the dinner, so I went to our room with some or all of my brothers instead.

My parent’s and the woman went to the dinner and my dad brought the rest of us some food back from the dinner at some part in the dream, and during another part of the dream my mom was talking to a female neighbor of ours that was a bit younger than me and in college; she had light brown colored skin and maybe dark brown colored hair, and she seemed nice.

My mom and the neighbor, well she did not live next to us but she lived on the same hall, they seemed to get along well; I went exploring the building which also had a grocery store or store.

I came back to the room and started to get sick, probably from the food I had eaten that my dad had brought from the dinner, and I think I vomited; shortly after, my cousin ME stopped by for a moment to talk to me and then he left.

I think our room did not have a bathroom and we had to use a public bathroom in the hallway, but I did not want to go use the bathroom while feeling sick since the fund-raiser dinner or dinner was still going on and there were a lot of people around, so my mom asked our neighbor if I could use her bathroom.

She seemed a bit hesitant at first but she liked my mom, so she said it was okay, and I followed her down the hall to her room; her room was like a dorm suite and she may have even had a roommate, but I am not sure.

The TV was on in her living room and she told me that the bathroom was on the right side of the room, she then started to change clothes in the living room, I guess she thought I was on my way to the bathroom, but I was standing there at first waiting to make sure that I was by the correct room.

But her back was to me and she did not know that I was still standing there, since she was nude and changing clothes, I decided to just find the bathroom myself and not bother her; to give her some privacy.

I found the bathroom and I hoped that I would not vomit again or something, fortunately I started to feel better and did not need to use the restroom, so then I went to let her know; she was dressed and told me that she was about to go see a college football game, and I decided to go too.

We went to the game, but I decided to sit alone, since I was afraid that I was bothering her; during the game I saw several other interesting women and I wondered should I try talking to my neighbor some more or one of the interesting women in the crowd.

One of the interesting women was the ghost Annie Sawyer from the BBC TV show Being Human, so then I started to wonder if the other interesting women were ghosts too, even my neighbor.

I was a bit cautious and did not go to talk to my neighbor or any of the other women during the game, but after the game I decided I would talk to my neighbor on the way back home, but I lost her in the crowd; oddly someone sent me a text to my mobile phone, claiming to be a 14-year-old & the text said something else that I can not remember, but I ignored it.

As I walked home with some of the crowd I began a conversation with a man who used to be a police officer or security guard, and he was telling me a story about a time when Mr. Vince McMahon, owner of the WWE, was in a wrestling match in his younger days with The Undertaker.

Mr. Vince piledrived (did the piledriver) The Undertaker and was going to piledrive him again, but The Undertaker reversed it and Mr. Vince fell out of the ring and hit his head by accident; some people in the crowd tried to come near Mr. Vince, but police & security guards started to push people back.

The man who I was talking to was there and he was either a police officer or security guard, after the story (which I was able to see a reenactment of when he told the story), he showed me his mini bat/club that he had; he spent the rest of the way home talking/bragging about different ways to use it.

I joined in explaining various other possible ways to use it as well, and the man talked about how he knew Kung Fu 😀 ; at some point we reached my grandfather’s house, and the man said goodbye & he continued walking while I stopped at my grandfather’s house.

I knocked on my grandfather’s door and then I went inside, but it was dark, and I heard someone coming down the stairs and it was my dead grandmother DE; I was shocked and my grandmother asked me if I was my cousin ME, I said no and I told her who I was.

My grandmother was breathing hard like she had a heart problem or something (but I think she started to breathe normally after a few seconds) and she looked like she had just gotten out of bed, I was confused and wondered how she was alive, and I wondered if it was really her; I got a feeling of sadness & happiness & I almost cried.

My mom came down the stairs as my grandmother appeared to be walking toward the kitchen, I looked at my mom in shock, she nodded realizing that I was shocked about seeing my dead grandmother alive again.

As my grandmother walked off, I think I heard her saying something about/like: she could hear Them again and that They were going to come soon and/or some of Them were already here and/or They were going to show/show Themselves soon or something like that; I was not sure what she was talking about.

My aunt SE came from the kitchen saying that my grandmother was talking about hearing the Alien (Something I Can Not Remember) and/or Robots and/or Machines, again.

My mom then said that the Aliens and/or Alien (Something) Robots and/or Machines were part Native American, which was her way of saying that the Aliens and/or Alien (Something) Robots and/or Machines were genetically related to some of our ancestors, so that is probably why my grandmother could sometimes hear them as they got closer to Earth and/or when they would try to communicate with her and/or something like that.

My aunt SE then said that she was afraid that my grandmother was going outside to climb the tower, to wait for, an Alien Chemical Engineer or something like that (I think this is what she said, but I could be wrong, I know it was an Alien (Something)) to come and either heal her (of her heart condition and/or something) and/or to keep her alive and/or something like that.

Oddly this somewhat seemed to make sense to me and I wondered if these Aliens and/or Alien (Something) Robots and/or Machines were going to be the supposed/alleged big surprise before and/or after 2012; also it did not seem that this was going to be a bad/negative thing/event, but I was not sure.

We ran outside to find my grandmother and outside was a tower next to the mailbox, and some other family members and my dad came to help look for my grandmother.

I remember someone saying that a Jackal or something like that probably fell from the tower, into this small pit-like area below it, and that my grandmother was probably still on the tower; or the Jackal or whatever was probably still up on the tower and my grandmother probably had fallen into the pit-like area.

I saw something moving in the pit-like area under some fabric/carpet-thing, and I yelled to it that if it was my grandmother under there that she should raise her hand; I saw the fabric/carpet-thing raise a bit, so I told my dad to look down there.

My dad went down there and my brother’s new large dog (are some large dog-like animal) was stuck on top of the fabric/carpet-thing, so my dad picked the dog up and out of the pit, and then he went to check under the fabric/carpet-thing.

The rest of us stood around watching & hoping for the best, and I felt that sadness & happiness & about to cry feeling; fearing to lose my grandmother again.

I also was confused and wondered was that really her and how was she alive, and I wondered about the Aliens and/or Alien (Something) Robots and/or Machines, and I wondered if I could one day be able to hear them too, like my grandmother; I also wondered if they were going to bring mostly positive or negative change to Earth and/or if some one them had already been here for many years.

Many things quickly flashed in my mind as we waited, but I woke up before we could see if it was my grandmother was under the fabric/carpet-like thing or not.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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