A Lucid Dream With Bathroom Talk

Last night I remember part of two dream fragments, with the first dream fragment being a regular dream mostly, and the second dream was a lucid dream (probably one of my most stable, if not most stable lucid dreams yet/ever).

Unfortunately I can not remember most of the first dream, so it is very unclear, I just remember going into a public bathroom at some point; and I met several dream characters in there who I ended up taking to.

One of the dream characters was behind a bathroom stall mostly, he was a thin/weak nerdy looking young man with glasses whitish colored skin & brownish/blondish colored hair, and he had some problems that I was trying to help him with by talking to him from the other side of the stall.

He had a variety of emotional/mental/social issues that bothered him, and those issues even cause physical problems like him having a hard time using the bathroom; and he would hide in bathroom stalls to avoid people & sit in there until he was alone for a long time until he could finally use the bathroom or something like that.

The other dream character that I remember was a teenager with light brownish/whitish colored skin with brownish/blackish colored hair in a slightly wild natural-like hair style, and he somewhat looked like Zero from the film Holes; and he was a positive young man, but that is all that I can remember of him.

At some point something happened and either another dream started and/or the dream went lucid, and I took/led the young man from the bathroom stall into another dream world or he followed me or something like that; but I am not sure.

The new dream world and/or dream which was a lucid dream that started inside of D High School on the first floor near the office, and I knew that I was dreaming at this point somehow.

I did not get the usual lucid dream problems of feeling my body in bed, the dream being unstable, or anything like that; so I guess that I must have slowly realized that I was dreaming in the other dream or dream world or something, and I decided not to change the dream world so it stayed stable.

I felt a bit like I was in the film Inception, because I walked around with the dream character from the stall, telling him to try not to draw attention to himself in case my other dream characters start to see him as an outsider/threat/someone who is not supposed to be in my dream; since he was from the other dream or dream world.

There were student dream characters walking around the school & doing various things, and we moved around trying to avoid being noticed but I was pretty comfortable since I knew that I was dreaming/that this was my dream world/that those were my dream characters; and I looked around for a room that had no windows, so that I could take the dream character from the stall there so that he would be safer & less likely to be noticed by my other dream characters.

I felt a bit like a bodyguard on an escort mission trying to move the person that I am protecting to a safe zone.

I remember us being mostly quiet to not attract the attention of the other dream characters, I was just trying to be safe, not knowing how my dream characters might treat a dream character from another dream or dream world; and not knowing if I could control them or not if they did attack him, I was not afraid of my dream characters, I was just being cautious about the dream character from the stall’s safety since I felt that it was my responsibility to keep him safe since he was in my lucid dream/lucid dream world.

I remember that most of the rooms had indoor windows that could be seen by people from in the hallway such as the office, cafeteria, counselors office, the check-out office, et cetera so they were not safe enough/hidden enough for us to hide in/use; but I noticed a door near the counselors office that had no window & that was partly closed, and so I walked the dream character from the stall in there when none of my other dream characters were looking.

We did a good job of moving around without attracting the attention of my other dream characters.

The room that we entered was a mostly dark old bathroom with light coming from some small blurry windows at the top of the wall, and I checked the room & all the stalls to make sure that it was safe; and the dream character from the stall went into one of the bathroom stalls to hide & to try to use the bathroom.

I glanced/looked outside of the bathroom to make sure that the area was still safe & it was, I closed the door all the way, and then I found a broom stick to use as a weapon just in case.

I then stood outside of the bathroom stall talking with the dream character from the stall about some of his mental/emotional/social/et cetera problems, giving some recommendations, listening, and trying to see what I could do to help him with some of his problems.

I kept alert listening for anyone that might enter the bathroom and I had the broomstick ready to be used as a spear, and as I was talking/listening, I heard the door open & close; and so we got quiet, and the room was quiet.

I had the broomstick ready to attack if necessary, and then I heard a voice say hello; and it was the teenager from the last dream or dream world.

Somehow he came into my lucid dream as well but after we entered it I guess, I was glad to see him, and I greeted him; and then I went to look outside of the bathroom to see if it was still safe & it was.

I wondered how did he enter my lucid dream and how did he find us, but as I was talking with him I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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