A Horror Story With A Surprise Ending

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a long and intriguing (if that is the word) dream, unfortunately I can not remember most of it, but the dream could be made into a movie if only I could remember most of it; and one of the main characters was and/or looked like the actress Uma Thurman.

Unfortunately I have forgotten the best/main parts of the dream and so it will not make much sense & it will not seem as interesting as it really was, and I will have to guess what happened during a few parts; but the dream probably started with a group of young men taking me to a possibly abandoned multi-story house in a field on the outskirts of a neighborhood, the house was located off a road further back across a field, and so it was a private area.

I probably had no idea what was going on, just that the young men said that their were rumors/legends/stories about this house & the family who used to live here/lived here, and they probably slowly told various stories as we walked to the house & went inside the house; and they were probably going to hang-out on the first floor, but some of them took me to an upper-floor and they took me to the attic I think were ghosts & strange things were supposed to be.

Some of the young men said that they had been in the attic before briefly when they were kids and had seen/heard strange things, but even they were too afraid to step into the attic again for more than a few seconds or not at all; and they got me to go into the attic alone, and they ran off in fear.

Some of the stories about the house & family who owned it varied probably: one story probably involved a woman cursing the family with magic & the wife started to have a mental / emotional / supernatural breakdown that ended up destroying their family literally (with maybe almost all of them or all of them dying or being killed) & the wife’s ghost and/or other ghosts/beings now haunt the house, another story probably involved a female ghost/being haunting the house & possessing the wife and/or scaring her into a breakdown that led to her and/or her families destruction, another story might have involved the supernatural and aliens, and there were more stories/versions of the story with the wife (Mrs. Thurman) being at the center of most of those stories.

When I was in the attic something very strange happened that probably seemed supernatural, the things that happened in the attic during this entire dream were very interesting/detailed/complex that I can not remember what happened exactly & even in the dream parts of what happened are unclear even after they happened, and I probably saw ghost(s)/being(s) & flashbacks of some of the things that happened in the house in the past; and after this experience I left the attic to tell the others, and had them take me around the city & maybe outside the city to talk to their families & people who might know more about the history of the house & the family who owned it.

Whatever happened in the attic slowly changed me throughout the dream & I probably went back into the attic several times to learn more, there I communicated with the wife (Mrs. Thurman) & she probably could appear/communicate with me more & more as the dream went on & I could see/learn more & more about what had happened to her & her family, and each time the house/whatever effected/affected me more & more and I became more connected with it/them & it seemed that what happened to Mrs. Thurman was happening to me too; when I first went in the attic I stayed in there longer than I was supposed to & I learned more than I was supposed to, and so now it/they had me to I guess.

During my journey to learn more I met various senior citizens who had lived in the neighborhood and knew some information about the family & the house, these parts of the dream were detailed & also interesting, and I even learned information about the people & families who lived in the neighborhood near the house.

One of the families had a family member who was a young man who had become somewhat famous (maybe a rapper or actor), he was the one of the people who brought me to meet his older family members since they had some information that I needed, and they reminded me of a normal family on Eastside; and they had their own family drama going on, and so I got to see/hear their family drama as I talked with his family members (which was fun & funny, and reminded me of my family).

His grandmother was complaining that they had not seen him in a while since he became somewhat famous, this was his first time visiting them in a while, and she went on & on about this as I tried to get information from her; but the family drama was handled in a fun way.

After my journey to get more information, which also involved various trips back & forth from the house & around the city & maybe outside of the city, I returned to the house; I forgot to mention that during the flashbacks that I would have, it was like being knocked unconscious and/or dream and/or being possessed and/or being effected/affected by an outside source & the visuals and overall experience(s) are too hard & unclear to describe, it was something that you would have to experience yourself to understand but I wish that I could remember more describe it/them.

After all of my investigating & experiences it seemed to be a mostly supernatural situation but it was possible that there were natural explanations such as alien/unknown phenomenon(s) and/or secret Human experiments going on, it was clear that I was now connected to/part of the situation, and I learned a lot from my last communication with Mrs. Thurman who now seemed to physically be in the house; and I think that she had never died or been dead all this time, so she was not a ghost/spirit/whatever probably.

I think that Mrs. Thurman also warned me/told me that it seemed that we both were now in the same situation it seemed but our conversation/flashbacks/supernatural experience was interrupted where something happened where I probably lost consciousness but thought that I was having another supernatural experience; and I woke up in a small room with two or three government-looking people, the main one was a man with maybe a woman assistant and maybe male security person in the corner.

They revealed that the situation was not supernatural probably, but that it was a secret government(?) experiment, and that I was now part of it.

They had implanted a glowing (maybe bluish colored) circular device that reminded me of the device that powers Iron Man maybe in Mrs. Thurman’s chest (which I thought was odd, why not the brain?) years ago and in me the night that I first went into the attic, this device tricked us/controlled us into seeing/hearing/experiencing the things that we saw/heard/experienced probably & they probably briefly mentioned more information about how they implanted it/when/what it could make us do/think, and this angered me that they had done this to us without our permission & they had destroyed Mrs. Thurman’s life/family all for this experiment.

After letting out my anger I started to ask questions wondering what was the purpose of this experiment/device, where did the technology come from (Human or alien, and/or both?), and more; and many questions/thoughts came to my mind (but I was still trying to make sense of things after having been unconscious) but they just listened to my many questions quietly without responding & they paused smiling a bit as the dream ended like a movie with my point-of-view pulling away from the dream as it faded.

The end,

-John Jr

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