A Shapeshifting Female News Anchor?

I barely remember part of one dream that is unclear and I can not remember the beginning of the dream, but I do remember being in my parent’s yard or what looked like my parent’s yard by the back steps; and I was watching a dog trap a chicken in a doghouse, until the chicken was too afraid to run away from the dog house.

The dog then left it there since the chicken was now too afraid to run, I thought this was strange behavior for a dog & I wondered what the dog would do with the chicken later, and then another farm-like animal walked into the dog’s territory & it did the same thing to it; and so now it had two farm-like animals trapped in the dog house to do whatever it wanted to do with them later.

Later in the dream there was a report of a dead man being found who seemed to have been killed by a wild animal, this report was given by a fictional local news station on TV by a female news anchor, who I guess I knew in the dream; and this report and maybe a report about missing farm animals caught my attention, and somehow made me suspicious of the female new anchor.

I started my own private investigation following the various news reports that only this local news station and news anchor would report/give, and I started to notice some patterns as several people & farm animals/pets were found dead from assumed wild animal attacks throughout the dream.

Whenever attacks happened the female news anchor’s whereabouts would be unknown, when the attacks did not happen the female news anchor’s whereabouts were known, the people & farm animals/pets killed were almost always linked to the female news anchor in some way (co-workers, ex-boyfriends, people she did not like, et cetera), this local news station was always the first/only news station to report these attacks, and this & various other evidence that I can not remember led me to believe that the female news anchor was a shapeshifter who was behind the attacks/murders/killings.

At some point I decided to confront/face the female news anchor earlier than I wanted to (I did not have enough evidence yet, so no one would believe me & they would probably think that I was crazy or something), since it seemed that she would keep killing people/farm animals/pets, and she did not deny my hypothesis/evidence about her & in someways she probably confirmed it/them.

She probably hinted/said that there was nothing that I could do to stop her since I would never be able to prove it, the police were looking for a wild animal/rabid non-Human animal (which is what she would probably turn into to carry out the attacks) & so I/they would never have the physical evidence to prove it was her since they would only find wild animal DNA/evidence, and she was probably correct; but I was going to keep trying and I asked her to stop the attacks.

She hinted/said that she worked for a group (she did not say who but I guessed some secret group/society or something), I guessed that she was part of their media manipulations & her shapeshifting was probably used for other reasons (like assassinations/whatever), but even she did not know much if anything about this mysterious group; she just followed the occasional orders/whatever that were passed to her it seemed, and our conversation ended.

She had a sister who I also knew I guess, the sister was jobless/addicted to drugs/living a rough life, and I went to talk to her about her sister to see if she could get her to stop the attacks; and she agreed to talk with her, but I there was another jump in time in the dream.

One part of the dream took place near Fort P, but I can not remember those parts; and later I came across the female news anchor & her sister at the cinema in L as they were leaving the cinema room.

No one else was around this area and we talked, the sister had now cleaned up her life a lot after joining/working for the mysterious group, she was wearing a Subway uniform; and so she worked with food & people, which I guessed was part of the group’s agenda somehow, and I wondered what this agenda was.

The sister did not really care what the group’s agenda was or who they were, their occasional orders/whatever gave her something to do/live for & she made money, and so she did not ask questions or judge/think about it; and her sister the female news anchor felt this way as well.

I wanted to learn more about this group & their agenda, it reminded me of the secret society/group from one of my recent dreams & I wondered if they were the same group, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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