Installing Ubuntu Linux Again & Going To Class & Going To Space?

Dream 1

I somewhat remember part of one or two dreams that took place during the day I think, I remember installing the Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS operating system on several computers again, but this time I think that I also installed it on several computers for a school.

Dream 2

At some point either this dream ended at the school or continued at the school, either way I was at the school again except that it seemed that I was part of the class now/a student, and some of my former classmates like AM were there; and we probably had class, we probably went to the bathroom during break, and we all talked in the classroom during the break after one or more of our classes were over.

During our break in the classroom when no teacher was in there I was talking to my former classmate AM, I almost accidentally got cut in the face by a black colored machete that she had in a fabric sheath, and I warned her that was dangerous & illegal to have at school; and at some point a female classmate got into an argument with AM, and she was a large woman like AM & she reminded me of a female entertainment wrestler named ODB.

AM had a machete with a broken handle as well as her black colored machete, she gave the other woman the machete with the broken handle, and she challenged her to a machete fight; and I tried to stop this before someone got killed or seriously injured, but they would not listen.

Fortunately they fought calmly like they were only practicing and they actually started having fun, they no longer were really fighting at this point, and eventually they stopped their machete fight/duel without anyone getting hurt; and I told them to not do that again, and to hide the machetes before the teacher comes & so they did.

At some point the teacher came and it was my former World History teacher Coach G, he recognized me and he asked me how I had done all these years, and I told him that I was doing somewhat okay (not that great) but I was somehow still surviving; and at some point some of the students were talking about American football, and so Coach G walked our class outside.

Oddly it looked like we were on my parent’s street and we walked to a slightly fictional version of the yard of Mr. S’s abandoned single-wide mobile home, and the ground was up to about waist level; and Coach G took us there to show us some American football medals that the school’s football team had won over the years, and they were on the grass.

The grass where the medals were was nicely cut and shaped to hold the medals, which was surprising, and Coach G explained the history of each medal; and at some point we got on a train-like vehicle in the back part of the yard.

I remember an old woman with whitish colored skin with whitish/grayish colored hair getting on the train-like thing vehicle as well and somehow we accidentally bumped into each other & I accidentally touched the back of her neck & maybe accidentally knocked off her necklace, I apologized and made a joke/compliment about how her neck felt soft to help with my embarrassment, and the old woman told me that people told her that a lot & she thanked me.

I helped the old woman put her necklace back on and we sat down & talked, during this part I remember seeing what looked like a student science project that had all the planets in our solar system hanging from what looked like fabric string, and the old woman or someone mentioned wanting to go to one of the planets; and either we used our imaginations or we really used the train-like vehicle to leave Earth.

They called the train-like vehicle The Interceptor, I think, and we flew through the solar system past each fake looking planet through some what realistic-looking space; but it all seemed a bit fake but it was still interesting, and we flew to a planet that was further away than expected.

I am not sure which planet we went to but I know that it was not Mars, I think that it was a bluish color but I am not sure, but I can not remember what we did there; and at some point we flew back to Earth, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

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