My Cousin DE & Heavy Surveillance? | Prince William Visits A Lower-Class (Low-Income) Neighborhood

I forgot most of my dreams from last night and I am still a bit sore from jogging one hour and thirty minutes non-stop yesterday and then doing some strength training, I was finally able to jog again after not being able to jog for two days because of the weather and so I decided to make up those lost jogging days by jogging three times longer than I usually do (thirty minutes straight and then some quick strength training, five days a week), but I still barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

Dream 1

My first dream is very unclear and so I will have to guess on some parts using the pieces of the dream that I remember, it took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of D near what seemed to be a fictional version of the area outside where the bus stop at P Elementary School should be, but this area had some medium-sized dips/holes/trenches that you could hangout in; and I was there with some other people like my cousin DE and maybe my cousin TE, and we seemed to be students/prisoners like we were to be re-educated under a new education system based on heavy surveillance/prison/or something like that and so the country was an open police state now I guess.

My cousins DE and TE and I had graduated from public school many years ago already, so we remembered what it was like back then when we were not under heavy surveillance/control, but we seemed to have been forced to go back to school and so we were some of the few adults there among the young people.

We did not like being under heavy surveillance/control, most of the younger people were more used to it because it had always been that way for them, and so my cousins and a few other adults and I mostly communicated in secret ways using notes that we would drop off in various locations.

We mostly did not talk out-loud but when we did talk out-loud we only talked about things that we were not afraid of sharing while under heavy surveillance because there were probably cameras/microphones/et cetera hidden around many areas outside/inside, and I remember my cousin DE acting negative neutral the entire dream and so were his facial expressions.

I do not remember seeing any teachers in the dream (maybe there were some but I am not sure) and I do not remember learning anything except that we were all under heavy surveillance/control and that there were strict rules that we had to follow, I do not remember us ever going inside the school building, I do not know who or what was watching us with the heavy surveillance, but I do remember us hanging out outside often in the ditches/holes/trenches trying to somewhat avoid some of the heavy surveillance while reading and dropping off our secret notes.

I remember reading some of our secret notes that seemed to imply that a man with dark brownish/blackish colored skin with short black colored hair who was probably was outside at the school with us along with one or more of his family members, who once had a romantic relationship with my cousin DE or still had one, but I was not sure; but I clearly remember feeling/sensing that the two of them once had or still had a romantic relationship that they were hiding/had hidden from some people, but that was my guess.

Either way it seemed that their relationship had ended badly or it was not going well, and so my cousin DE was probably not comfortable having the man and some of his family around outside the school with us because of bad memories or something like that; but that was my guess, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream is a bit confusing and unclear and so I will have to guess on some parts using parts of what I do remember, the dream took place during the day in what seemed to be The United Kingdom in a lower-class/low-income neighborhood of citizens who seemed to have mostly immigrated from Africa and almost everyone had either medium-to-dark brownish colored skin or blackish colored skin with black colored hair and spoke with African and/or British English accents, and Prince William and maybe Prince Harry came to visit the neighborhood without security oddly.

I am confused about whether Prince Harry was in the dream or not and whether I was in the dream or not at this point, I remember thinking that Prince Harry seemed more comfortable/relaxed among the people in the neighborhood than prince William but I do not remember seeing/thinking about Prince Harry again in the dream after this point, and so maybe Prince Harry left to hangout with some of the people in the neighborhood; and maybe I was not in the dream at this point, and maybe I was seeing things like a camera person.

I am also confused about whether I was able to leave and enter the dream or not several times during the dream, and I am confused about whether I temporarily became Prince William one or more times in the dream or not; but my guess is that I probably did enter and leave the dream several times, switching between a camera person’s view that made it seem/feel like I was Prince William a few times, and sometimes I actually was in the dream.

I remember Prince William being in a field near some apartment buildings in the neighborhood, the neighborhood was clean/nice for a lower-class/low-income neighborhood, and there were young people playing in the field; and Prince William was awkwardly walking around making a serious effort to talk with people, play games/sports with people, and learn about them/their neighborhood.

Prince Williams was really trying hard but he seemed a bit uncomfortable/awkward the entire dream, I respected that he was trying though, but some of the young people were giving him a hard time because they seemed to have racist beliefs and they saw Prince William as an outsider.

Fortunately most of the young people were nice to Prince William and one young kid walked up to Prince William, and he or she told him to go inside one of the apartment building because he or she wanted him to see his baby brother or sister who was in one of the apartment rooms; and so Prince William awkwardly entered the apartment building alone slowly, and he slowly entered a dark apartment room that was being barely lit by the glass window on the door in the hallway that he entered from.

In the dark room were several beds with adults sleeping and some baby beds with some babies sleeping, he wanted to leave because everyone was sleeping but he knew that the kid wanted him to see his or her baby brother or sister, and so he awkwardly entered the dark room slowly walking toward the baby beds hoping to avoid waking anyone; and a few times someone almost woke up but he managed to see the kid’s baby brother or sister, and then he left as one of the adults started to wake up.

Prince William went back outside and the kid asked him if he saw his or her baby brother or sister, he awkwardly said yes, and the kid was excited; and the kid ran away happy, and then Prince William walked toward some young people throwing a ball to each other.

I remember Prince William trying to join them in a game where they threw around a dark-colored heavy smooth ball that was smaller than a baseball, but the young people kept throwing the ball to Prince William in ways that made it hard to catch the ball.

Prince William was not good at catching already and so this made him fail to catch the ball every time that they threw it to him, I remember the young people whispering insults at him as they purposely threw the ball at him to make him fail to catch it, but Prince William kept trying to catch the ball each time even though he always failed; and this made the young people even angrier, and it seemed that they might try to attack Prince William but he did not seem to notice.

I entered the dream at this point and/or I walked over to the young people, they were the young people who seemed to have racist beliefs and who did not want Prince William around unlike most of the other young people, and I told them to stop trying to make Prince William fail to catch the ball; and I told them that he was seriously trying his best to play/talk/spend time with them, and I asked them why did they seem to hate him so much.

I was born and raised and still live in a lower-class/low-income/poor neighborhood and so I fit in pretty well in this neighborhood even though it was cleaner/nicer than where I grew up/live and I could relate to the young people, and so they were honest with me; and we had a bit of a debate about Prince William visiting the neighborhood, race/racism, poverty, et cetera but they still disagreed with me and would not listen to me.

They stopped playing catch with Prince William and they left angry like they planned on attacking Prince William if he did not leave the neighborhood soon, I was disappointed with/in them, and so I greeted Prince William and told him that I would try to help him better adjust to being in the neighborhood and how to better relate to the people there; and I warned him that some of the young people probably were going to try to attack him so I told him that he was in danger but he wanted to stay, and so I told him that I would help protect him as he continued his visit.

I started teaching/explaining and showing Prince William what it was like growing up/living in a poor/lower-class/low-income neighborhood and some of the skills required to survive in neighborhoods like this as we walked around the neighborhood, I kept looking around for possible ambushes as well, and I talked with some of the young people who were friendly to learn more about the young people who were unfriendly; and I asked some of them if they would talk with the young people who were unfriendly,  to help me avoid a possible violent confrontation with them later.

One of the young people who was friendly was a young woman with dark brownish or blackish colored skin with long straight somewhat shiny black colored hair who we met on a bridge/walkway-like area in the neighborhood, she knew one or more of the young people who were unfriendly, and she agreed to talk with them for me to help me avoid a possible fight.

I thanked her and she left to talk with the other young people, but I woke up.

After waking up or shortly after waking up I had the Pauline Croze song Quelle Heure Est Il? playing in my mind/on my mind and I was thinking about it for some unknown reason(s):

Pauline Croze – Quelle heure est il ? – Acoustic [ Live in Paris ]

The end,

  • John Jr

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