A Military Chinese Intelligence Agent And Two Mercenaries Trying To Rob Us Of New Military Technology?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night but I did not record my dreams when I woke up twice during the night to use the bathroom even though I had remembered one or more dreams, and so I forgot all of my dreams except for part of my last dream.

The dream took place during the day in a large fictional field surrounded mostly by trees with a few openings that probably led to one or more roads, I forgot the beginning of the dream so this dream is lacking some context, but I think that I went to a small one-story medical clinic in the field with my brother GC or my brother CC to see a doctor.

I went to the front desk and they sent me outside to an even smaller one-story indoor/outdoor building to see the doctor in there, I remember waiting in a waiting room with mostly women, and it seemed that the medical clinic might close before the doctor could see me; and at some point I think that a female nurse/worker/someone told me that they would not be able to see me today, and everyone else walked to the main medical clinic and they locked the doors.

Some soldiers came to guard the doors/building and they would not let us inside, I got annoyed/angry and I complained to them about the situation and I kept asking them questions but they would not answer my questions or explain what was going on, and at some point they gave my brother and I free military equipment to get us to leave I guess; and so my brother and I left across the field near the trees where there was a table, and we put the military equipment that we were given on the table so that we could see what we got and try it.

I remember trying a bullet resistant vest, maybe combat uniform pants, gloves with hard knuckle and palm guards, maybe a bullet resistant helmet, and a small carrying bag with a shoulder strap that had what seemed to be a somewhat futuristic small electronic device with a screen that probably was a new classified/experimental military device with many uses; and my brother and I had no idea what the electronic device was, and we wondered if they accidentally gave it to us because most of the equipment given to us seemed like Special Forces equipment.

As we were testing our military equipment that we were given a somewhat armor military-like vehicle drove in front of us, and three somewhat military-like people got out of the vehicle pointing guns at us and they yelled for us to put our hands in the air; but my brother got angry and he started trying to argue with them even though they were pointing a blackish colored assault rifle, a blackish colored shotgun, and a blackish colored bolt-action rifle at us.

I put my hands in the air and I told my brother to put his hands in the air while asking the three military-like people why they were pointing guns at us, and then I noticed that the three people did not seem to be real soldiers because their outfits did not match or match each other; and the leader looked a bit like the filmmaker Freddie Wong and for some reason I felt that maybe he worked with Chinese military intelligence, the second person was a woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair who I felt was a mercenary from Australia (she must have had an Australian accent when she spoke English) working for the leader, and the third person seemed to be a man working for the leader who was a mercenary wearing a mostly dark-colored commando-like outfit with his entire head/face/et cetera covered.

The leader started yelling questions at us, my brother still did not want to listen to them but I somewhat convinced him to listen to them for now because they had the advantage, and the leader asked us if we were soldiers in the military and I answered no and I explained that the military equipment was given to us by some soldiers; and then he asked me about the somewhat futuristic electronic device, which seemed to be what he/they were after and it seemed that they had been spying on us and the military in this area, and I told him that I did not know what it was.

It seemed that they were going to kill us and so I fell to my knees pretending to beg for my life, hoping to distract them and make them lower their guard, and they walked toward us focusing on me; and the leader pointed his gun in my face while smiling, the woman backed him up, and the man watched my brother.

I grabbed the leader’s gun from him still pretending to beg for my life forcing the woman to be completely distracted by me, and my brother attacked the man and took his gun; and he shot him, I shot the leader, and then I grabbed the woman’s gun to stop her from shooting my brother causing her to drop her gun.

The woman grabbed the leader’s gun that I dropped but then my brother and/or I shot her, I probably picked her gun up, and then we checked them to make sure that they were dead; and we took their guns and the military equipment that we had been given, and we went to tell the military what had happened but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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