Widgets And President Barack Obama

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired and effected or affected by me itching as I slept, after taking my bath and putting on my clothes it seemed that maybe the T-shirt that I put on was causing me to itch, and by me responding to some comments on my blog before going to sleep.

While I was sleeping and dreaming I probably was tossing and turning in bed a bit because I was itching, I remember dreaming about Flynn and Ngobesing Romanus commenting on my blog like they did last night before I went to sleep, and in the dream I responded to their comments.

The dream had one or more things that I kept doing during the dream that was probably caused by me itching in the real world, these things involved my blog but I can not remember the details other than looking over my comments, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I did not voice record this dream so I can not remember most of it now, and all that I can remember of this dream now is that it took place in a dimly lit room with probably some tables where people were sitting and standing around.

The President Of The United States Barack Obama was there probably sitting at the table that I was sitting at, The United States Secret Service was there handling security, and there were probably other government workers and politicians and lobbyists, and other people there as well.

I was on a computer making changes to widgets and some other things on a blog or website that looked like it was on or using the WordPress software and that probably belonged to The Federal Government Of The United States, this blog or website seemed to be used by who ever was president and maybe by a few other people who worked for the government, and so United States President Barack Obama was one of the current people who would use it.

I probably briefly talked with United States President Obama and a few other people as I worked on the blog or website but I can not remember the details of our conversations, I probably showed the blog or website to President Obama and he probably briefly used it, and I remember spending a lot of time focusing on a fictional widget with a long name whose name I can not remember (I think that it involved two of something, whatever that means).

I was adjusting this widget to get the attention of President Obama and others to hopefully get them to realize and to stop doing some of the terrible things that they were doing around the world and inside The United States, or to at least get them to be honest about what they were doing instead of using disinformation and propaganda and other things like that which are used to manipulate others and ideas et cetera and to hide and lie about what they were really doing and trying to do and what interests they were doing these things for.

I can not remember what changes I made to this fictional widget with a long name but I hoped that someone would notice what I was trying to say or imply with the changes that I made, and I hoped that it would at least get President Obama and the others to think and start a conversation about it.

This was bigger than President Obama or the current government, it involved the past and present and future, and not just the government but also others who use and manipulate the government and others for their own negative interests.

It was bigger than just The United States but the focus was on The United States because I was sitting right there with its president and others in its government, I had access to one of their blogs or websites and I had the chance to talk with them, and because The United States is probably behind most of the things that I was referring to in the past and present and probably the future so getting The United States to make this change would have a huge effect or affect on the world.

Too many people are being manipulated and lied to, too many negative interests are in effect or affect, and too much disinformation and propaganda and more is being used against people so I am just tired of it.

I wanted them to just be honest, even if they were not going to change their ways or the system, and for them to embrace this openly so the entire world could see the truth and decide for themselves if they want to continue to support these terrible things and interests or not.

I wish that I could remember more of the details so that this could make more sense, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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