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There was a lot more to this strange and confusing and complex and deep and emotional dream from last night, but unfortunately I can not remember most of it so it will not make much sense and my memory of it is flawed.

I remember that some of my family members from my mom’s side of the family were at The E House like my uncle CE, my aunt DE and some of her family, maybe my aunt ME, and others.

At some point in the dream I possibly woke up and there was a baby doll (doll) of a baby wearing a baby outfit with baby hat (maybe the outfit was light blue but I am not sure), this baby doll was not there before, and I immediately felt afraid and that something was wrong because this had happened before and I knew and felt that this meant that some bad things had happened to me.

I had intense feelings but the memories were mostly destroyed and/or suppressed like whatever would happen each time was so bad that my mind wanted to forget it and/or something and/or someone had erased and/or suppressed most of my memories of what would happen to me each time.

I just knew that baby dolls meant that maybe They had come, I did not know who They were but it felt like possible alien abduction and/or some other type of entities and/or humans involved in possibly abducting me and/or visiting me and doing bad things to me, and I guess They would come sometimes when I am sleep and maybe take me away and do bad things to me and/or do bad things to me where ever I am sleeping but I could not remember and I only had intense feelings of fear and dread and trauma and more.

The only thing that I could remember from these memories is that a baby doll would sometimes be left behind or I would see a baby doll temporarily, and I had one memory of being in a strange dark room with a light on me like I was laying on a table in a strange place with maybe some baby dolls standing around me like this was a false memory (screen memory) so that I would not know who They really were or what They really looked like or what really happened to me.

I assumed that They were masking themselves as baby dolls in these possibly false memories (screen memories) that they possibly put in my mind to hide the truth or They were really disguising themselves as baby dolls or They really looked like that, but I assumed that They did not really look like that and that this was either my mind masking the memory and/or them.

I felt like a scared kid again, a deep subconscious primal fear and feeling vulnerable like there was nothing I could do and feeling traumatized, and I knew that bad things would happen to me and that They or something was stopping me from remembering the truth.

I felt that this has possibly been happening to me since I was kid but I could not remember, and I did not know but that is what I assumed from how I felt.

I now had some possible proof because the baby doll was still in the room so I picked it up and I took it to show my mom and maybe someone else, and I explained the situation and my memories and my feelings and the baby dolls.

I was not sure if I was going crazy or not so I asked my mom and the others if they could see the baby doll too, they could see it I think, and things got pretty emotional as I explained things and my mom listened quietly.

We did not know what was going on exactly but my mom probably believed that something was happening, we were not sure what the baby dolls meant or represented exactly, and I was wondering if They could use it to spy on me and/or something else like that.

I remember my mom saying that my aunt JE felt that They were possibly spying on her using her computer, maybe using malware I assumed, but I was not sure if this was real or one of my aunt JE’s hallucinations; and if it was true, I was not sure if her They was the same as the They I was talking about, and I wondered if some of my other family members who suffered from mental disorders were possibly also being visited by and/or abducted by Them which possibly led to their current mental disorders from these suppressed negative experiences.

I remember holding the baby doll and was possibly going to go to The E House for some reason, maybe to talk with my family members to see if any of them were experiencing the same thing or not, and to see if they could see the baby doll as well; and then I was probably going to talk with my aunt JE about her experiences.

There was something involving the baby doll that happened that I can not remember, probably some strange and important details, and I was trying to investigate further to try to make sense of what was going and to trying to restore my memories of what has been happening to me involving Them.

There was more to this dream but unfortunately that is all that I can remember and make sense of.

The end,

-John Jr

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