A Survival Competition / Test / Game / Experiment

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that the entire dream world and dream itself seemed to be a familiar survival test/game/experiment/competition/whatever, and I had memories or false memories of doing this before (probably in multiple past dreams so this gave me an advantage and extra confidence so I was pretty relaxed and knew some of the things to expect) with some things being the same and somethings being different or slightly different each time.

Things were both individual and team based (testing yourself, and testing your team work skills and your team and more), the threats and situations that we had to deal with and survive varied, and some were natural (other people/teams, traps, et cetera) and some were probably paranormal like zombies and more and some were possibly supernatural.

Instead of being afraid I was actually positive and looked forward to testing myself and my skills and my knowledge to see if I could survive and help my team survive, and I wanted to see if I/we could win or survive longer than the other times.

I had past experiences with this so this was not new to me but many others on my team were not experienced or ready, and so I had to try to pass on as much knowledge as I could during the dream as I tried to help lead my team during the dream.

I do not think that my team had a leader or anything but I tried to pass on knowledge and help them survive when up against familiar threats and situations as I would explain past experiences and how I/we dealt with them, and most of the dream took place inside a large probably multi-story multi-purpose building (part library, part apartment, part house, and more).

The dream took place over longer than one day so the dream went from day to night to day, I am not sure how many days because most of the dream was inside, and I remember us slowly moving around and clearing the building for most of the dream.

We fought various threats and we dealt with various situations (including strange maybe paranormal and possibly supernatural situations), it was pretty dark inside the building so it was like a scary movie, and we played it safe by very slowly moving through the building so we did not get very far.

At some point we left this building for some reasons that I can not remember, probably because it was too big and dangerous to clear and hold and secure for our group, and we moved outside during the night and maybe through several buildings.

There were some dangerous teams out there who were probably killing other teams and anyone they saw, my team was no match against them so I had my team avoid those teams by hiding, and I remember one of those teams walking through the area with assault rifles and they looked dangerous like some biker gang with white skin with tattoos.

We heard and saw them kill other people as we hid, I wanted to help, but my team was too weak so I kept us out of it; but I hoped that I would be able to toughen my team up enough to face them later.

Eventually we reached a house that was like The E House, we found some survivors of a team that had been mostly killed by the dangerous team, and they had only survived by hiding as their team was murdered.

We probably teamed up with the survivors and hid as another dangerous team passed through, during this time I made several plans as we waited through the night for the next morning before moving on, and continued trying to figure out how to prepare my team and the survivors of the other team so that they would be more likely to survive.

I was one of the few people on either team that was better prepared for this, I was actually enjoying myself because it was nice to test my survival skills in these many unusual and usual situations, and so far my past experiences and skills and more had worked successfully.

I was also excited by the new threats and situations that I/we had to deal with this time (especially the paranormal and maybe supernatural threats), in my memories or false memories things were always slightly different each time, and so that helped to keep this interesting and challenging while also allowing to use previous experiences and knowledge.

There was definitely more that happened in this dream before this but that is all that I can remember of this dream, it was like my brain/mind used this dream and dream world to test/experiment with surviving various realistic and unrealistic situations and threats, like my mind/brain was trying to not only prepare me for many possibilities but to also test whether my current strategies would work or not so that I can make adjustments now instead of learning the hard way in the real world.

NYT’s James Risen & Abby Martin on Fighting Censorship, Endless War

The end,

-John Jr

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