Finding Family Photographs & Picture Frames

I am not sure if this is one dream or not but I will type it as one dream, I remember being in another city like my parent’s and one or more of my brothers and I drove there on vacation or we stopped there on our way to somewhere else, and I had my automobile and the rest of my family were driving in another automobile.

We probably were staying at a small motel along a quiet part of a highway or in or near the countryside, we probably traveled around parts of the city to stores and/or restaurants and/or other locations, and one part of the dream took place during the day and I was probably driving in the countryside in somewhat familiar areas from some other past dreams or recycled similar versions of those areas.

The dream probably took place during the afternoon, evening, night, and at least into the next morning and afternoon.

I wanted to go eat at a buffet restaurant probably and my family and I were going to try to meet up there later, my family drove somewhere else in the city to do something, and I drove to a different part of the city to do something else until it was time to meet up with them at the buffet.

We kept in contact through our mobile phones during this time, I am not sure if my family was with me at this point or not, but I remember driving to a quiet area that seemed to possibly be near a small park-like area and it was possibly in a quiet part of the city or near or in the countryside.

I parked outside a small fictional wooden building that was familiar to me, in the fictional past my family and I had helped a woman set this place up by donating furniture and other things and helping her clean and organize and move stuff into the building, and I think that the building was going to be used as a church and/or for several purposes.

The woman was inside the building with other people, I remember going inside and the woman was talking about the building and the history behind it and how she set it up and why she set it up and what her plans were for the future and more, and I remember listening and talking with her.

It seemed that she needed some help moving some things again, she was possibly either going to use the building for something else now and/or she was going to have to close the building and/or something like that (I just know that I wanted to help), but I can not remember.

In a closet I noticed the furniture and stuff that my family and I had donated, but then I noticed many photographs in nice heavy picture frames (some were just empty picture frames that we donated) that belonged to my family and the photographs were of my family and I.

I did not think that these were meant to be donated so I started gathering some of our personal stuff to put it in my automobile, and then I was going to help the woman and the others move stuff around and/or whatever they needed help with.

While I was doing this I possibly called my family so that they could come see the stuff and visit with the woman and see this building again before we go to the buffet, and maybe we would invite the woman too.

But I woke up when I was outside loading up our personal stuff in my automobile on this nice sunny day.

The end,

-John Jr

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