Lockhart / Dane DeHaan Gets Hypnotized & Brainwashed?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and that there was a married couple with light-color skin, the wife possibly had short yellow hair and the husband possibly had short dark-color hair, but I am not sure where or when I first met them.

Whenever and where ever I last met them I told them to meet me at The G House at a certain time and I told them to wear some religious clothing (nothing specific except something that would possibly be uncomfortable for them during the summer), this seemed to be a demand on my part, but I am not sure why I was doing this.

It seemed that I was trying to make them as uncomfortable as I could and it seemed that I was somehow in a position to make this demand, The G House is abandoned and owned by my mom’s side of the family, so I felt that this would make them uncomfortable and it would give me an advantage because I know that house, and I am more comfortable with it than they probably would be, and having them wear strange uncomfortable for the weather clothing would make them even more uncomfortable.

I wish that I could remember why I was doing this to them and what had they done that made me want to punish them like this because this is not like me at all, so I assume that they must have done something bad enough for me to treat them like this, but I can not remember.

Later in the dream after making these demands I went to The G House a bit early to be there before them, I remember standing outside The G House when I saw and heard my uncle CE cutting the grass at my aunt JE’s house using a riding mower, and I probably briefly talked with him and maybe someone else.

After that I walked back to The G House to walk inside to pick my meeting location, but my parent’s showed up at the same time, so I briefly talked with them and then I started following them inside the house and I heard a party going on inside the house.

Before I could walk inside further I saw the married couple walking toward The G House with their children and some of their children’s friends / classmates who were all high school age(d) who were walking in a line behind the married couple, and they were wearing strange robes and hats / headgear.

Some were wearing blue high school / college graduation-like gowns (academic dress), and some were wearing white robes with tall pointy hats / headgear that looked somewhat like (not the same, but too similar for me to be comfortable with) what the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) wears (I was not sure if they did this intentionally to annoy me or not).

I had expected the married couple to come alone, which was my plan but I did not specify this in my demands, and so this annoyed me.

I greeted them and I let the married couple know that I did not say that they could bring others to our meeting and I told those wearing the white almost KKK-like hats / headgear to take them off and to not wear them anymore, and then I let them all inside anyway after they complied but I planned on making the others wait in other parts of the house so that I could talk to the married couple alone.

I wondered if they brought all of these people to make me uncomfortable and to give themselves an advantage, but they (and I) had not expected a party to be going on at The G House so most of the people at the party were probably family members of mine and / or friend’s of some of my family members so I still had the advantage (but I never did get to see who was at the party besides my parent’s, but it sounded like at least equal to or more people than what the married couple had with them).

I told the others that they could visit the party or wander around in other rooms in the house, and I walked the married couple to the first bedroom next to the kitchen as I thought about what I would do to make them even more uncomfortable and to give myself an advantage and what I would say et cetera.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a windowless building that had various halls and rooms et cetera, at least part of it was a family entertainment center-like place, and I remember somehow meeting Dashie (Charlie Guzman) from YouTube when I was walking in a hall.

We ended up talking and walking, Dashie led me to a part of the building that had recently closed for the day and the lights were out (we probably saw a male employee with light-color skin with dark-color hair and facial hair (maybe a thin butler-like mustache) with maybe a red vest with dark dress pants and maybe a light-color long sleeve dress shirt leaving), and there were various games and things that you could play in this area like air hockey et cetera.

I asked Dashie if he was sure that it was okay for us to be here, he said that it was okay, and so we walked inside and Dashie turned on some lights, and we walked into an area where there was an air hockey table, and we started playing air hockey.

I remember that I was winning, but I am not sure if we finished the game or not before moving on to the next thing, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream was possibly loosely connected to and / or inspired by the first and second dream, I was probably not in this dream, but I am not sure.

All that I can remember of this dream is that the character Lockhart from the film A Cure For Wellness or the actor Dane DeHaan who plays that character was inside a windowless building, possibly the same building from the second dream or one similar to it, but I can not remember.

I do not remember seeing anyone else, I just know that at some point Lockhart / Mr. DeHaan wanted to get out of the building, and so he was running through halls et cetera trying to find a way outside.

Lockhart / Mr. DeHaan heard a voice in his mind telling him that there was no escape, that he would not be able to leave the building, and that his muscles would lock up, and he would fall like an egg or something like that if he tried to leave.

It seemed that maybe something had happened to Lockhart / Mr. DeHaan that possibly involved hypnosis and brainwashing / mind control that someone probably did to him while he was inside this building, and so it seemed that they had programmed his mind to lock up his muscles to prevent him from leaving the building.

I remember Lockhart’s muscles locking up, and he fell face first on the floor paralyzed and unable to move for a few seconds, eventually he would get up and try again and this happened several times, but he kept trying, and he was desperate to get out of this building.

I remember thinking to myself that this was maybe a metaphor or symbolic of something involving me, where maybe what I did in the first dream would backfire on me, and then I would be the one at a disadvantage or whatever and I would be trapped and at the mercy of someone else or whatever; and so maybe this dream was meant to teach me something.

Eventually Lockhart reached the outside, there was a woman with light-color skin with maybe short yellow hair who possibly looked similar to the wife from the first dream and there was a line of children behind her similar to the first dream except these children were younger instead of high school age(d), and Lockhart recognized the woman as his doctor, so he called out to her for help.

His doctor checked him out briefly, he possibly partly explained what was going on but I can not remember, and after getting checked by his doctor (I can not remember what she said) Lockhart tried to run but his muscles locked up again and he fell to his face as the doctor and the children were possibly starting to walk away (possibly inside the building, but I am not sure).

I forgot to mention that the voice in his mind would still talk to him sometimes reminding him of what was said previously (like maybe that was the voice of whoever had possibly performed hypnosis on him and / or brainwashed him), and while Lockhart was lying on the ground face first paralyzed he realized that the voice was correct it seemed.

It seemed clear that his body would not let him move any further than this, he probably smiled and it seemed that he gave up fighting it at that moment when he realized that it was possibly futile and that it was possibly partly his fault because he had possibly played himself when he did something earlier in the dream I guess, so he was trapped here now and I guess he accepted it, and then my view started to move slowly into the sky like the ending scene of a movie with the camera moving up in the sky zooming out as Lockhart laid on the ground face first with a somewhat crazy smile on his face that was a less crazy version of the smile he made in the movie A Cure For Wellness (he possibly laughed too, but I can not remember).

A Cure For Wellness Smile
Source: ?

But then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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