Making A Film With Harrison Ford?

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Unfortunately all the other dreams that I had last night are forgotten now, but I do barely remember part of my last dream.

This dream took place during the day inside and outside of a one-story building where it seemed many college students and others were partying et cetera, and I was there along with someone else who I can not remember and my dad.

There were people partying and doing other things inside the building, outside in front of the building, and outside to the left of the building in a field.

At some point I left out of the building to the left side where there was a sidewalk with a small narrow building that was the length of the main building on the right side of the sidewalk, this meant that the sidewalk was between two buildings almost like an alley or courtyard, and the smaller building had a women’s bathroom and I am not sure what else.

There was a gate that led to the field and a gate that led to the front of the building in this area, the men’s bathroom was in the main building but the door was outside next to the sidewalk, and I remember climbing on top of the small narrow building for a better view of what was going on in the field and in front of the building.

There were probably people dancing and talking and standing et cetera in both of those areas, shortly after this my dad left the building to the sidewalk, and he started walking in my direction and the other person who I can not remember was possibly on the roof with me as well.

But before he could reach us he had to use the bathroom so he turned around and he started walking like he was going to the men’s bathroom, but he stopped near the outside of the women’s bathroom to start urinating on the sidewalk with his back facing us which annoyed and embarrassed and disgusted me.

I probably tried to tell my dad that the men’s bathroom was up ahead on the left side and that urinating on the sidewalk was wrong and nasty and unnecessary et cetera, but he kept urinating anyway.

While my dad was urinating on the sidewalk, a woman with light-color skin walked out of the women’s bathroom, and so she walked out to where my dad was urinating on the sidewalk facing her so she saw everything.

This made the situation even worse than it already was, the woman looked disgusted and she said something to my dad who continued urinating and maybe I said something to apologize, and she walked away disgusted to the front of the building like she was going to warn other people about this.

I was very embarrassed and annoyed, I did not want to be associated with this and I felt that the woman and those she would tell about this were going to walk over and bother me as well and possibly call the police, and so I quickly started trying to climb down from the building to hide inside the main building before she could warn the others.

As I was doing this I heard the woman telling her friends and other people about seeing my dad urinating on the sidewalk, my dad was probably finished urinating at this point, and I was quickly walking up the sidewalk to escape inside the building.

The woman and those with her were about to walk back to where my dad had urinated and I was about to enter the building when suddenly there was a lot of noise in the field, it sounded like maybe a fight had broke out, but then people started running and screaming for their lives toward the main building like an attack was going on.

The people at the front of the building panicked as well even though they had no idea what was going on, and I started running too to get ahead of the crowds of panicked people.

I remember running into the building and my former male classmate RM was among the first group of people to enter the building, we ran across the entire building to the wall on the right side, and this main building had a mostly open cafeteria / dance floor look to it and the lighting was very dim like at a dance club or school dance.

There was a man who had run near us who looked gray and sick, and he attacked my former classmate RM and I had to help my former classmate RM.

I remember my former classmate RM complaining and asking the man what was wrong with him but the man did not talk or stop attacking when asked, and so we had to physically stop him.

After we stopped him it seemed that my former classmate RM was starting to get sick and gray as well, almost like this was some kind of zombie-like virus or something, and so he started attacking me forcing me to fight him off but then the actor Harrison Ford walked over acting somewhat like his character Han Solo and he had a laser gun like Han’s Heavy Blaster Pistol.

Mr. Ford was acting like this was a movie, he shot his heavy blaster pistol at the sick gray man who attacked my former classmate RM and at my former classmate RM, and the red laser beams hit their targets and bounced off of some walls making visual explosions and sound effects.

The laser gun was obviously an advanced toy that shot harmless lasers that could make it look and sound like it was hitting and hurting its targets, I started feeling sick or wondering if I was sick now after getting attacked by my former classmate RM, and then Mr. Ford started talking about the shots and acting like this was all just a movie.

We started talking about how that last scene looked and how we could do that scene better, I remember Mr. Ford testing shooting from different angles and trying to do trick shots off the walls et cetera, and in my mind I imagined what angles to film each shot of this scene from and other things like that.

Now it was like I was a filmmaker and that we were shooting a film, we were throwing various ideas around to each other and thinking about them in our minds, and physically showing each other how we imagined filming each shot.

But I woke up as we were doing this.

The end,

-John Jr


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