Isaac Netero’s Death | Hunter X Hunter (2011) | Zero × And × Rose

What is it?

Here is a scene from Episode 126 (Zero × And × Rose) of the anime (animated) television show Hunter x Hunter (2011) of the end of Isaac Netero’s fight against Meruem.

English Version 1

Netero’s death / hxh english dubbed

English Version 2


Japanese Version

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Netero vs Meruem (Ending)

What is it about?

This is how Fandom describes this scene:

Meruem’s claim of checkmate to Netero continues as they fight to the death.

In his final stand, Netero activates his most powerful attack, the Zero Hand, which does little to no damage to the King.

However, it was Meruem who had been in checkmate all along when Netero activates the Poor Man’s Rose.

My Thoughts

The true impact of this scene is just now starting to hit me, and is starting to make sense several episodes later.

As it is slowly revealed what Isaac Netero really meant during his final words to Meruem, and the true results of his sacrifice.

I am still watching this show, so I will eventually learn the full impact / will eventually see the final results.

It was refreshing and impressive how it was not until several episodes later that this scene’s true impact continued and started to make more sense.

It is rare for a show to do something like this where suddenly a scene from several episodes ago comes to my mind as I am watching a newer episode as new information is slowly starting to be revealed / realized.

So well done to this show for pulling this off.

As I started to realize this, Netero’s scary and strange face and facial expression and words really started to hit home as part of this scene came back to my mind.

As I sat on the couch watching an episode of this show on Toonami with my brother GC while having a eureka moment as I started to see the truth slowly being revealed and realized in my mind.

It all started to make sense, and it was a rare and great moment.

I told my brother GC what I had just realized. 🤯

The end,

  • John Jr

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