A Pallet Jack & Hand Signal Leads To Positive Conversations

Dream 1

I went to sleep on the living room couch, and I was in and out of many very short dreams with possibly hallucination-like dreams and experiences and I even had some sleep paralysis; but I did not record any of them.

Dream 2

After sleeping on the couch for a few hours I finally got in bed, when I was almost sleep or when I was in low-level sleep or semi-sleep, I heard a female voice that sounded like my former female classmate KM loudly say my name.

I remember struggling to open my eyes like I was partly in sleep paralysis and / or partly asleep, and when I did open my eyes I did not see anyone and I did not hear anyone so I went back to sleep assuming that it was just an auditory hallucination or from a semi-dream or something like that.

Dream 3

This dream took place at The BP Library and I was there working, I remember standing near a small bookshelf and cart that was to my left when my female coworker JB walked over and greeted me, and we talked as she looked at books on the shelf.

The shelf was low so JB was standing in an awkward position, she asked me if she was in my way or not, and I told her that she was not in the way.

Then I remember JB making a joke about us both having bad vision, we both wear glasses, and we started laughing.

Our female coworker TR walked over and said something to us, when I turned back to the bookshelf it looked like the books were gone, but then I realized that my field of vision was blocked by some stuff that JB had temporary sat near and / or on the shelf.

JB had sat down some papers (possibly lamented) and maybe one or more folders or something, I told JB about this and we started laughing again, and I handed her items to her.

Then JB and TR started to walk away because maybe TR needed JB’s help with something, and I woke up.

Dream 4

This dream or dreams took place during the day but I can not remember anything now except for barely part of the end of the dream which took place during the day in either a fictional city or a fictional version of the city of D, and I remember driving around.

I had a key to an apartment room or dorm room and / or locker and / or something, the key had a number on it, but this was new to me so I was not exactly sure what room it went to and there were several people with me who wanted to use the key so they were trying to figure out a code or something that may also be needed as well as helping me try to remember the room and / or locker number.

Some of the people with me included maybe my next to newest female coworker F, my female coworker CR, a fictional man with light-medium color skin, and maybe that man’s girlfriend or wife.

CR find something that was possibly the code that we needed but she added maybe the key numbers to it, maybe we reached the area where the room and / or locker was, and maybe I showed them where it was so that they could see if they could get inside and get or do whatever they were trying to get or do.

I guess I left them there because the next thing that I remember is driving to a building, and I went inside the building that was like a somewhat empty building / warehouse / Tractor Supply-like store.

I kind of looked out of place with people there who were mostly older people with light-color skin from the countryside, and I remember seeing maybe a female employee with light-color skin who was pushing something on a pallet jack and there was another pallet jack with some stuff on it that was in her way so I went to move it out of her way.

A large man with light-color skin with maybe reddish-color hair and facial hair wearing blue jean overalls also helped move some things out of her way, and I remember signaling to him with my thumb that I was about to move something behind us.

After doing this the female employee thanked us, but then an older woman with light-color skin mentioned that when I had signaled she thought that I was talking to her and she told us how her husband signals like that when he wants her to put something in the trunk of their vehicle instead of in the back seats.

She joked about this, I apologized, and then several other people joined in and we all started sharing things and joking and laughing.

It was nice having a small misunderstanding lead to all of us from different backgrounds coming together to talk and share things and have fun, it broke the ice, and everyone was having a good time but I woke up from this final feel good moment of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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