Trying To Speak In Esperanto

I went to sleep on the living room couch, it was not that comfortable unfortunately, and so I tossed and turned waking up in and out of dreams without getting in bed like I should have.

I did not record my remembered dreams each time that I woke up and went back to sleep unfortunately, and so now I barely remember part of my last dream.

This dream was inspired by a MalwareTips thread called What Is The Language That Sounds Best To You, and several YouTube videos comparing languages and videos with examples of people speaking in other languages like this video by Joanna Hausmann called Portuguese Vs. Spanish – Joanna Rants:

All that I can remember of this dream now is that in one part of the dream my department supervisor Ms. JM was in the dream, I remember talking to her, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The rest of the dream involved me thinking about, talking about, and even using some other languages along with mostly English; Spanish was possibly one of the languages that was talked about and maybe Portuguese.

Besides English, my second most used language in the dream was Esperanto, I remember trying to use Esperanto in a conversation.

I could not remember that much Esperanto but I tried the best that I could, but I had to use a lot of English to fill in the blanks because it has been a while since I last studied some Esperanto; and back when I did study a bit I did not get that far as usual with any language that I attempt to learn.

I can not remember who I was talking to or any other details, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

4 replies on “Trying To Speak In Esperanto”

Hello Alien Resort,

You may be surprised by how many people are still attempting to learn it, especially after Duolingo got an Esperanto course ( several years ago and at least 1 million people signed up for the course I believe and currently over 300,000 people are actively learning it on Duolingo at this time according to the latest statistics on that page, and by how many people are still using the language.

I am terrible at trying to get myself to survive through a language course alone, hopefully I will at least finish a short course like Esperanto In 12 Days (, and thanks to this dream and your comment I started back studying Esperanto on Duolingo so thanks.

I also need to start playing some of the educational games in Esperanto (you can choose between various languages by changing the flag at the bottom right-hand corner once you click play) on this website:

I also need to listen to the language more on online radio ( et cetera.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


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