The Woman And The Purge

Matt Shively and Joel Allen in The Purge (2018)
Source: IMDb

All that I can remember of this dream is that there were several parts to it with one part involving my brother GC and I going to a changing mostly empty field/park-like area in the wilderness on the outskirts of whatever city we were in, there was possibly a part of the dream before this where I saw a somewhat familiar woman with light-color skin with yellow hair and a somewhat thick body build wearing a somewhat tighter fitting dress who caught my attention, but I can not remember.

I do remember being in a field like area by the wilderness with my brother GC, this area changed several times with it being mostly just grass and some sunken areas with water like a river, then some non-human animal life and more plant life appeared, and then it became more park-like and some people appeared maybe including the woman with yellow hair.

The next thing that I remember is us leaving to what looked like W Park in the city of D during the evening, while there I saw other people including the woman with yellow hair, I was interested in the woman with yellow hair and considered talking to her to try to get to know her better; but I probably did not talk to her, but I can not remember.

I was probably being a bit cautious and was just observing a bit more before decided whether to try to talk to her and maybe set up a date or just a change to hangout one day, and the next thing that I remember is being inside a building with my mom and some other people.

The woman with yellow hair was there too, this was my chance to talk to the woman before I do not see her again, and my mom talked to her first and told me a bit about the woman before I went and talked to her.

The woman was 37 years old, she worked as maybe a journalist, she was single, but I am not sure what her name was.

I then talked with the woman, the next thing that I remember is going with the woman to where she worked, and it was a multi-story building that seemed to be where The D High School should be and it looked like a more modern version of the main school building.

Before I went to sleep in the real world I watched an episode of The Purge (Season 2), and this part of the dream was inspired by it because The Purge was about to start soon so they were preparing the defenses and security for the building and I was helping.

I remember us trying to finish boarding up all the windows, but we discovered a possibly security breach so we stopped to try to clear the entire building before sealing it up.

We were afraid that the character Ben Gardner, had possibly sneaked inside the building to start murdering people before The Purge, and so we had to make sure that the building was clear first before sealing it up.

There were only a few of us and we did not have time so we were going to have to split up mostly to search the building quickly, and so I was worried about the woman and the others getting killed.

I was going to try to stay closer to the woman when I could and keep checking on her to make sure that she was okay, and I was giving advice to her and the others to hopefully help them stay alive.

I was still interested in getting to know her better and going on a date or something if we survived The Purge, so this was terrible timing that interrupted our chance to talk more et cetera, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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