Flying To Escape Werewolf-Like Creatures

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and my brother CC walked outside angry/sad/frustrated/et cetera about some of his fellow soldiers being mad at him about something that he had allegedly done in the field (on a military mission).

My brother CC was almost crying, maybe he did cry a bit as he paced around angrily talking out-loud about the situation, and I tried to calm him down outside and when he walked back inside the house.

The next thing that I remember is a family with light-color skin outside during the day on a trip to a nature reserve/amusement park-like place, other people were arriving, and I assume that I was there too.

Jesse Eisenberg was there and him and I had an idea for a movie that we were talking about that we felt should be made into a movie, and so we were basically talking out how we would make the movie and the plot et cetera.

Near us was the family who were on a trip, the mother revealed to her adult children that she was dying, and she started ranting and blaming one of her sons; and she mentioned that his birth was a painful birth.

Her husband joined in to rant at and blame their children, a fight started, and then I think that some of my brothers and Joaquin Phoenix (who happened to be there too) joined the fight.

I was standing there about to break up the fight but they all got too tired to fight, and so I did not have to try to break up the fight fortunately.

Then a barely haired male humanoid werewolf-like creature who could walk/run on all-fours and who could talk showed up, and he started turning certain people into werewolves or whatever he was by maybe biting them or something.

He was sent by some higher-ups to turn certain people into whatever he was, but he decided that he would turn everyone including the higher-ups who sent him.

He was turning people too quickly and easily, each person who got turned started trying to attack/turn other people as well, and so the situation got so bad so fast that my only option was to escape so I started to fly as he chased me.

Once again I was able to fly in a non-lucid dream.

I could not fly that high but I flew high enough and fast enough as he continued chasing me across the city down a street, he was smiling and laughing and maybe taunting me as he chased me and he was very fast, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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