A Conn’s Memory

Recently I remembered a memory from back when I was in college attending MS University in the city of LC.

In this memory I was with my former male classmates/collegemates/suitemates/friends JC, DH, MT, and JB.

It was during the day in the city of LC, we went shopping, and at some point we went to a store called Conn’s for the first time.

I am not sure what we were looking for, I just remember us entering the store, and it looked a bit like a nice rent-to-own-like store that sold: furniture, mattresses, electronics, and appliances.

As we were still entering the building we were greeted about halfway into the building by two male employees wearing dress clothes (probably a white button shirt with black dress pants and a black belt and blacks shoes), and they were probably only barely older than us.

They greeted us in a friendly well-dressed salesmen-like way, the prices and layout and their approach made us feel that this was not a place that college students like us would be able to afford to buy things from, and so we left very shortly after the two salesmen approached us.

That is all that I can remember of this memory.

The end,

-John Jr

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