A Conversation | A Sheriff? | An Endless Hug

Dream 1

Someone mentions protest against the police, the person did not understand why some people are protesting, I give them some examples of why some people are protesting from what I had heard without putting my opinions in it, one example I shared from what I heard was with how police can often do some things that most people would get arrested for and I shared some examples from what I had heard and I even shared two examples that I saw personally without sharing my opinions (just the facts of what I saw and heard in those two situations), and I mentioned how some people feel powerful knowing that they can call the police on other people.

Dream 2

I was walking in my parents back yard when I heard a female voice over a loud speaker that sounded like Ms. MP (Officer MP), a female sheriff or officer with dark-color skin who somewhat reminded me of Ms. T from The BP School Board points to small car whose brand was maybe Aventi, she wants to talk to my brothers about some kind of program the police are doing, she knows us and she follows me inside the house through the back door, I have her wait in living room instead of walking further which surprised her, my brothers TDC and KDC were eating at table, and I told them that a visitor wants to talk to us.

Dream 3

I am at or near a familiar college that I had false memories of and memories of from a past dream.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama and some United States Secret Service agents were walking near a small warehouse by a dock.

They moved on, but I walked to the dock area and on the patio of the warehouse.

Behind this area was an opening down some stairs and a slope under a structure where you can get close to water in a sewer drain-like / under a bridge-like area.

Some people who were homeless possibly lived there or would use this area sometimes.

There were some other people there with pet foxes.

The water was dried up except one water puddle that a fox was drinking from.

On my way back up the stairs or slope to the exit a mostly closed window-like thing blocked my path because it was barely open, and a young woman was behind me headed in the same direction.

A creepy pale female humanoid entity with maybe a large head and strange shaped maybe all black eyes with maybe sharp teeth with a creepy smile was on the other side moving her head from side-to-side looking at us creepily.

The young woman tried to open the window to confront the female entity so that we could escape.

I showed her a light attack / blast or an energy blast/ attack that I used to attack the entity, that destroyed the female entity I assume, and we started opening the window to escape.

I am now at a fictional version of my parents house.

A school group was there on field trip.

Afterward when I was standing outside near the back door, an older female student with light-color skin thanked and hugged me, and she would not let go.

I kept trying to politely end the hug but she was not letting go, as I was trying to politely free myself from her hug, I saw my former female classmate RH reaching for something near the toolboxes.

RH looked very attractive and she had very long nice curly brown hair and she was wearing a stylish somewhat tightfitting somewhat formal outfit with pants and high-heels, but I woke up before RH or the class who were leaving out our house could see me and before I could free myself from the hug.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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