Unico In The Island Of Magic

What is it?

The 1983 anime movie Unico In The Island Of Magic.


What is it about?

This is how Wikipedia describes this anime (animated) movie:

This film essentially picks up after The Fantastic Adventures of Unico with the West Wind dropping Unico off in a new location called Poland where the gods will be unable to locate him.

The story begins with the West Wind erasing Unico’s memory of the past events and he is left to once again fend for himself.

Unico runs into a Heathcliff-like cat named Melvin Magnificat who is the apparent boss of the forest which Unico has stumbled upon.

Later, Unico meets a kind-hearted young Polish girl named Cheri (also spelled “Cherry”, voiced by Sumi Shimamoto).

Cheri’s older brother, Toby (in Japanese, “Torubi”, voiced by Shuichi Ikeda), is working for the evil Lord Kuruku (in Japanese, “Kukuruku”), who plans to turn all living creatures, animals and people alike, into unusual zombie-like beings called “Living Puppets” to be his slaves.

Toby’s job is to change people into Living Puppets and then lure the Living Puppets to Kuruku’s fortress on Nightmare Island in Baltic Sea off the Coast of Sweden in exchange for learning more of Kuruku’s magic.


My Thoughts

I saw this anime movie many years ago on VHS, I still have some vague memories of some of it being a little scary, and it might be one of the first anime that I saw.

I think that the main villain may have been the inspiration for one of the standout villains from a dream that I had years ago.

The end,

-John Jr

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