A Bully & A Ride & My Sister Gets Abducted By Aliens & Shaquille O’Neal & Talking About Operating Systems

This was either several dreams or one dream with several transitions, I am not sure which, and so I will type it as one dream.

One part of the dream took place during the day where I went to the front of what looked like a fictional version of The KRH Elementary School that had a small playground in front of it, some of my family was there, and there were some kids there.

I had a false memory of when I was a kid where I and / or someone else was getting bullied by a fellow student (bully) on the playground, and that person or I ended up using a leg kick to stop the bully.

I started to tell some of the others about this false memory, a girl with light-color skin with maybe long blonde hair was listening, and I remember her commenting somewhat sarcastically.

The next thing that I remember is that it was still day in the city of D and I was with my female coworker JB and her family and one or two of their male friends who had light-color skin, we were riding in the automobile of one of their friends as he drove to their house, and I was in the back seat.

I remember us driving up a fictional version of W Ave. that goes past The BP Library where JB and I work, and at some point we reached a fictional version of the road that leads to their yard; but I remember us stopping or parking on the side of the road by a deep ditch.

I remember climbing down into the ditch for reasons that I can not remember, and I remember JB’s husband Mr. BB helping me out of the ditch.

Mr. BB and I were talking as we all walked up the road to their yard.

The next thing that I remember is that I was inside a fictional one-story building that was probably near where the Voting Office should be behind The BP Library but further away than in real life, it was also in a small parking lot, and I seemed to live in a tent house inside this building with my family including a fictional sister with light-color skin with long curly maybe brown hair (I did not get a good look at her because she was mostly out-of-sight and she was sleep).

I think that it looked like it was day at first but then it looked later, I could be wrong, I just remember that my fictional sister was sleep in her room which just had thin tan tent walls that you could slightly see through if someone got close enough to them, and every room in the tent house was like this.

I remember some of my family watching TV, it seemed that most were about to go to sleep, my dad was not there but my mom was there, and some of my brothers were there.

At some point something strange happened as I was talking to my mom, we saw a green light coming from my sister’s room, and it looked like my sister was floating.

We could somewhat see her through the tent walls as her floating body got close, she was still asleep, we did not know how to react, we tried to pretend that nothing strange was going on, and so I remember pushing the tent wall to gently push my sister’s floating body back down to the ground which worked.

I was still on the other side of the tent wall as I tried to think about what just happened, it did not seem to be her doing this, I then wondered if maybe aliens or something were trying to abduct her, and then something strange happened where maybe we got paralyzed or stunned.

Somehow I broke free of this, I saw my sister floating outside, and so I ran outside after her.

I then saw a spaceship in the parking lot that was open with a ramp, two assumed greenish reptilian humanoid aliens were carrying her and / or floating her it seemed, half of their bodies were invisible; and it seemed that more of their bodies was slowly becoming visible like they had cloaking abilities and / or technology.

The two assumed aliens had an appearance that was not exactly like any aliens that I have seen before in my dreams et cetera, I sensed or assumed that they were male, they like most aliens like this in my dreams did not seem to be friendly, and like them I was not sure what their intentions and agendas were but I assumed that it was not good.

They were entering the spaceship as I ran outside, the door closed before I could reach the spaceship, I knew that it was going to take off, and so I got back as it took off at impossible speeds in the sky and into space I assumed.

I felt bad about my sister getting abducted, there was nothing that I could do, and the dream jumped to a movie-like scene of maybe someone playing me in that movie shortly after graduating from high school.

This main character had dark-color skin and did not look like me at all, he was meeting with some of his fellow recently graduated former classmates outside, he was still angry and sad about his sister’s alien abduction because she was never seen again even all these years later.

That experience changed his life for the worse, he never recovered, and this strained his relationships with his friends et cetera.

He almost got into a fight with one of his friends, and then he almost got in a fight with a large male bully with medium-color skin from their high school days.

The next thing that I remember is being in a European country that seemed like maybe Austria or Germany, this country had an annual tradition and event, and I was there.

I am not sure if I was inside or outside because there was a field-like area in front of me, it was possibly a prop, and there was a display describing some of the tradition of this event and the accent of this country and of a famous man from this country.

There was a traditional competition that involved I guess what you could call hand wrestling and a pie baking contest, I was competing against Shaquille O’Neal (Shaq), and we both had two teammates that I did not know about at first because I did not know about the pie baking contest at first.

Shaq and I started with the hand wrestling contest, we had to take one of our hands facing palm to palm and put our fingers between the open spaces in those hands, and when they said go we had to squeeze and try to force the other person’s wrist back until you win.

I remember Shaq cheating somehow, then it jumped to the pie baking contest that I did not know about, his team started before my team as part of Shaq’s cheating, and then I rushed to join my team to bake a pie; but Shaq’s team made theirs first, and so they won again.

The last thing that I remember is talking to a computer guy with light-color skin with a moustache with reddish / brown hair, he was older than me and he had years of experience in the computer field, and I remember talking to him about some of my complaints about current popular operating systems.

I remember complaining about how some features were being removed, some things were more difficult to do now, and how they are becoming more like walled gardens at times; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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