A College Room & Mask PSA & Female Entity

Lazy overview of my dream:

In this dream, my brother GC and I possibly went to college.

I got a college dorm and / or apartment room.

I went shopping, sometimes taking off my face mask as part of a PSA (public service announcement) video that I was starring in that was about the importance of wearing a mask during the pandemic (COVID-19 I assume), this was risky because they had me filming this in a busy shopping mall-like place.

After filming the PSA, I returned to my college dorm / apartment room, one closest had an opening at the top where I could see into my dad’s closet, while my other closet had an opening at the top where I could see into another college dorm / apartment room that some women lived in & they were in there at the time while no one was in my dad’s closet.

Before I woke up, there was a strange part of the dream that I can not remember, where there was maybe a strange living female doll-like thing or entity or fairy(?) in my room, it / she possibly could talk or communicate because I remember talking to it / her.

I can not remember what it / she looked like, I know that she looked like a woman (adult female) of some kind (depending on what she was), it / she possibly could not walk, I am not sure, I know that it / she could move in some way or ways (I can not remember that way or those ways though), I do remember carrying it / her though, and something very strange happened that I can not remember (maybe something sexual?).

The end,

  • John Jr

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