A Shadetree Mechanic & JB Takes My Towel

This dream took place during the day, and part of this dream involved my dad’s truck being worked on in my parent’s yard by a tall thin somewhat dirty man with light-color skin with somewhat long dark blonde hair.

The man was allegedly an auto mechanic, but he was probably a shadetree mechanic.

He was taking too long to fix my dad’s truck, days past of him coming to work on it, like he was either wasting time on purpose and / or he did not know what he was doing.

Most of my family and I drove out-of-town in The Blue Van, while he was still “working” on the truck, and my mom was driving.

In the other city, my mom accidentally bumped into the edge of a car when she was driving from a small parking lot into the road, neither vehicle stopped because of the speeds & she barely bumped it.

My mom did start panicking & slowed down ready to stop, she was ready to apologize & offer to fix any damages if there was any, but the car did not stop.

I think that my dad was not with us at this point, I am not sure where he was, and at the end of the dream I was no longer with my family.

Somehow, the end of the dream involved me going to one or more libraries & some small windowless buildings that were part of those libraries, and one of these libraries was possibly The BP Library; and maybe I went to work.

I remember my female coworkers JB & AG & MR & I going to the small buildings owned by another library, I assume, as part of a group of people attending an event or something.

At the end we went to one small windowless building, a woman with light-color skin who worked for the other library was reading to our group, and I sat in a small open room that was connected to the main room.

I felt cold, which is super rare in my dreams to feel temperature, and so I covered myself with a warm towel (bath towel) that I found in the room.

My female coworker JB walked into the room & took my warm towel, and she went back into the other room & covered herself with it to stay warm.

I probably somewhat jokingly responded to JB taking my warm towel without asking, and I probably ended up saying that she probably needed it more than me since she gets cold more easily.

JB was in a joking mood, I remember her having fun as she talked with AG & MR & me, they probably joined me in the other room as the woman was still reading to everyone.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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