Traveling To The Moon Where The Elites Live?

English: Lunar Gateway Logistics Sources Sought Notice (1/2)
File:Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway Logistics Services.jpg

This dream was probably partly inspired by a YouTube video that I watched yesterday about the movie Elysium called Elysium — When A Movie Has The Wrong Story | Anatomy Of A Failure by the YouTube channel Filmento:

Elysium — When A Movie Has The Wrong Story | Anatomy Of A Failure

Part of this dream took place during the day in the city of D, and I remember being at the shopping center by W Park and across the street from it where Napa is.

I can not remember the details now, unfortunately, various things clearly happened in this dream, but I forgot most of the details when I woke up suddenly.

I just know that I was outside in this area, there were other people around too, and the dream jumped to the future.

Likewise, I was now on a spaceship / spacecraft that I assume that was flying to what I assume was the moon, and maybe I could see the Earth in the background.

There were other people on this spaceship / spacecraft with me, they were elites (rich, specially chosen, et cetera), and there was a video playing.

The video was explaining details about the trip, the Earth, the special place on the moon where the elites lived, et cetera.

There was a well-dressed man with light-color skin in the video.

It was a bit like a commercial, informational video, an old Disney-like resort et cetera video, and propaganda video combined.

We could see and hear the video, and we probably also had a view of the assumed moon, and space (outer space) & the Earth in the background.

The video started by welcoming us, I can not remember most of the other details, I did have the feeling that something bad had happened on Earth.

The video seemed to look down on the Earth & most of the people living there, and it said that those on Earth did most of the manufacturing of the stuff used on this elite settlement on the assumed moon.

This was said like those on Earth were peasants who were only good for making what the elites needed for their special settlement on the assumed moon.

The video said that only a few select people were allowed to visit the assumed moon, the elite / chosen, so we were among the fortunate few; and most people on Earth were not allowed to visit.

I felt like I was not among the elites, but that I had been chosen somehow.

I wondered / worried about the people on Earth, I felt that life down there was probably rough, especially after what negative thing had possibly happened in the missing period between the early parts of the dream & the time jump.

We flew slowly and low over the assumed moon, you could see the rough pretty barren terrain, the shaded / dark areas & lit areas, it was an amazing view.

But I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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