Burn Notice + Church + College = ?

Last night I remembered part of my last dream, which I think started at a church, with some of my family members and I along with Michael Westen from the TV show Burn Notice.

It was some unknown small church and we all stopped to do a test or assignment, I did not understand it so one of the church members tried to explain it to me, it had something to do with writing something on paper that showed how much you like each person at the church or something.

You had to write numbers and something else in a certain pattern and you had to be positive toward everyone or like everyone, so your number patterns or whatever must show how much you like each person or something; it was confusing and I still did not understand, so the man explaining it to me did my assignment for me.

Everyone turned in their assignment and during that time I started talking to a few people in my area including my brothers, Michael, and PF; but I think church ended shortly after that so we left.

The next thing I remember is being alone and walking from outside a building into a hallway, it reminded me of one of my old schools mixed with a college, and I went into a classroom where class had already began; it was a college classroom or at least I thought so, in the class was PF, and she tried to help explain what I had missed in class so far.

Class ended but I was one of the last people to leave since I was still writing down our homework or whatever, and then I left to a locker maybe and/or I magically had my classical guitar with hard case; I put it in my book bag but it was so big that it hung out of my bookbag (backpack) as expected, somehow it did not fall out so I carried it on my back.

I started to walk to another classroom but this time I crossed a crowed main lobby that had stairs, there were a lot of people walking around, many were old classmates of mine.

There were so many people moving around that I had to keep dodging them to avoid my guitar case from hitting them especially as I walked up the stairs; the building was several floors/stories tall/high, and I remember seeing MW & maybe RB on the way up the stairs.

Some people looked at my guitar case wondering what it was, some knew it was a guitar case and thought it was cool, and some people were annoyed because it took up a lot of space.

As I walked up the stairs I notice a woman laying on the floor crying or looking sad, I tried to stop to help her, which was not easy with all the people walking around; I wondered why no one was helping her and I worried that people would run over her so I asked her if she needed help.

She screamed at me and told me to leave her alone and that she did not need my help, then KM stopped to talk to her, they knew each other so I felt that KM could handle the situation so I kept walking up the stairs.

I reached a balcony-like area that led to a hallway and Michael from Burn Notice & JS walked up to me and started to walk & talk with me, but a teacher was blocking the door to the hallway, probably to help reduce traffic in and out of the hallway.

This annoyed a woman who was in front of us and another behind us, we stopped to talk to them and try to calm them down, which did not work; so the woman in front of us started arguing with the teacher and the teacher slapped her in the face.

We tried to get them both to calm down and relax but the woman slapped the teacher back and so the teacher slapped her, but accidentally hit her butt somehow, so we started laughing and the woman tried to hit me.

I blocked it and laughed, and once again told them both to calm down; they were still angry but they both got quiet and stopped fighting.

After a few seconds the teacher let us by and we started walking through the hallway and JS showed Michael his mobile phone, which was the same as mine, so I showed him my phone; the only difference was that the time was about 12 minutes off on his phone.

We were walking in a horizontal formation down the hallway with Michael in the middle holding one of the phone up as I held mine up, we were walking like we were cool or something and time slowed down a bit, and I think we even had some background music; it was funny.

Suddenly a man walked into the middle of the hallway and pointed a gun in our direction, Michael pushed us to the sides and ducked while pulling out his pistol, the man shot one or two times missing us before Michael shot him several times.

People in the hallway screamed, ducked, and ran; but the man was now dead, and no one else got shot.

It appeared that Michael must have been there to protect me from an assassin so that was why he was at the church in the beginning of the dream, before I could ask him about it, I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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