The Female Shapeshifting Grizzly Bear / Doll / Being / Entity That Appears When People Are Sleeping?

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I remember part of three dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place in a city like on the video game Saints Row, and I was driving around doing pick up & delivery missions of items & people while getting chased/shot at by gang members I guess.

I would drive fast, dodge attacks, and probably shoot back; it was all fast paced, and I was successfully picking up & delivering the items and people safely; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream was interesting but unclear since I forgot most of it, I just remember being with a class/classes of school kids & teachers, and each class would take turns going into a room on a platform/lift that would quickly go into the sky or something.

I am not sure if the platform/lift went up to a mountain or a floating structure or space or just in the sky or what it led to exactly, I just remember helping to keep everyone calm/safe since it was a bit scary/fun/dangerous being on the platform/lift.

The dream took place during a sunny day in a fictional area in the middle of no-where, the room on the platform/lift had brownish colored carpet & walls with no windows & one door, but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Dream 3

The last dream was strange and I forgot some of the details, but it involved me sleeping at my parent’s house; and I woke up seeing a Grizzly bear in the bedroom, and I was afraid.

This might have happened twice in the dream, but I think that one of those times was a memory from another past forgotten dream or it was a false memory; either way during the most recent of those times, I jumped up in fear & to protect my family, and I put the Grizzly bear in a rear naked choke.

I knocked the Grizzly bear unconscious and/or killed it, and it turned into a white colored female doll/being that was made of maybe a hard plastic/rubber-like material or something; but I can not remember how it looked exactly except that it was white in color.

My family woke up to see what was going on and I told them what happened, but there was no Grizzly bear and it made me look/sound a bit crazy.

I remembered seeing this being before in the dream, either from a past forgotten dream or earlier in the dream or from a false memory, either way it had come into our bedroom while we were sleeping in Grizzly bear form; and I woke up seeing it, but I was so afraid that I just laid in bed watching it while pretending to be sleep.

I am not sure what it was doing or what it wanted, but my wild guess was that it was a being that my feed off of energy of sleeping people and/or it came around sleeping people for some reason; because I would only see it during those times, and it seemed to be looking for something or doing something each time.

It also turned into a lifeless white colored female doll/being after it realized that I was awake/saw it, and I threw it away or something maybe; but it obviously came back again in this dream.

After explaining the situation to my family I started thinking about my memories of this being, and I held the lifeless female doll/being trying to figure out what it was & what to do with it.

I thought that it was dead this time since I thought I killed it in Grizzly bear form and the female doll/being form seemed to not be alive, and so I decided to take it outside to throw it in the trash can & I covered it with a lid; and I went back inside.

But I remembered that it somehow escaped the last time, and so I went back outside to get it; but it was gone again.

I started to wonder if the lifeless female doll/being form was really alive and that maybe it could move when it wanted to, and I still wondered what it was & what did it want; and I was sure that I would probably see it again, but I woke up as I told my family what happened while looking for it.

The being reminds me of the hallucination(?) that I had of a large hyena-like creäture standing on two feet looking into our bedroom with large smiling sharp teeth once when I was experiencing sleep paralysis & this being might have also been a woman in the dream so maybe it was able to shapeshift too & I find it interesting that they both had non-Human animal forms & Human-like forms, to me both of these beings seem to have something to do with being around sleeping people sometimes like they are after energy/thoughts/dreams/memories or something like that to do with sleeping people, but who knows?

Here is my post with my hallucination(?) while I was experiencing sleep paralysis:

A Dead Hyena-Like Creature + A Woman On The Couch + Sleep Paralysis With Hallucinations = ?

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


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