Pauline Croze In A Tourist Area & A Comrade From The Past

I had several dreams last night that I had remembered but I forgot all of them except part of the last dream and I think that one of the dream characters from my last dream, my former classmate SC, was probably in one of my earlier dreams but I am not sure.

The beginning of the dream is now lost and so I do not know where I was, why I was there, or how I got there; but I was inside of a small diner/restaurant during the day that was owned by a hairy over-weight man with whitish colored skin with short black colored hair who looked and acted like someone who probably was from New York or New Jersey whose grandparent’s or great-grandparents had come from Italy.

He was behind a counter that had bar-style seating connected to it, but I was sitting alone in one of the booth seating areas near one of the many windows; and only maybe one or two other people where in the booth seating area, and to my surprise Pauline Croze and two female friends of hers were sitting at the bar-style seating area.

It was mostly quiet except for Pauline Croze and her two friends talking and the owner was complaining out-loud to himself about this & that or something, and maybe a TV was on that he kept glancing at as well as he cooked food; it was a nice little diner with a nice view to the outside, except for the owner’s attitude, it was a comfortable place to sit/think/eat/drink/et cetera.

Since Ms. Croze and her friends were some of the only people talking & some of the only other customers in the diner, their conversation stood out and so I heard most/all of it as I sat there, and I thought about going to talk with Ms. Croze but I did not want to interrupt them or bother them; and so I just sat there thinking / listening / looking out of the window/eating or drinking(?)/glancing at the TV & few people in the diner.

Ms. Croze and her friends were talking about various personal things like close friends often do, and oddly I think that they only spoke English & probably no French; and at some point one of Ms. Croze’s friends mentioned that Ms. Croze was single/was having a few personal problems & was now jobless and so the friend recommended that she start dating again, getting out & having more fun more often, and find a job/way to make some money (it was like her newest album was not doing so well or something and so she needed to make some extra money).

I wondered about the personal problems (which were probably depression related or something) and I remembering thinking that she had just come out with a new album & so I thought that would count as a job & an income source for now, so I assumed that was not working out so well & that she probably just needed to make a little extra money to go along with that & to stay busy; but I thought that touring/doing concerts soon, would be enough to keep busy, so I was a bit confused & I came close to going to talk with Ms. Croze about her new album & to give her some encouragement but I did not because they were still talking about personal stuff & because of a few other reasons.

At some point I got up to leave after coming very close to talking with Ms. Croze and oddly I think that you had to throw your plates in a dumpster outside or empty them in a dumpster outside & put them in a dishwasher-like thing next to it, and so I went to do that outside & I found two plates with fried rice or brown rice that two people had left/wasted; and so I was going to empty that as well, which I did not like doing since I do not like to see food wasted like that (I would have saved the food or something if I knew how long it had been there & who it had been for), so I tried to hide the two plates to avoid someone thinking that I was wasting food.

Outside there were lots of people to my surprise and there was even a long line for the dumpster/dishwasher, most or all of the people looked like tourists (I was probably a tourist too, passing through this area), and the area outside had various outdoor food areas/maybe some pools and/or a beach/artificial beach with tropical-like plants/artificial plants/there was a road with maybe a forest on the other side of it/and more; and a lot of the people had seafood/freshwater food like lobster, fish, maybe crawfish, et cetera.

I had to wait in line so I got to see and hear lots of people talking & doing various things, it was pretty realistic & detailed, my brain did an amazing job having so many realistic things & conversations going on at one time; and so I mostly looked around & listened to the many things going on, like an older woman with grayish/whitish colored hair who was from somewhere in Asia who had negative-neutral facial expressions & her attitude/personality matched it as she complained about this & that while at the dumpster/dishwasher.

An older husband and wife either cut me in line or I let them go ahead of me to avoid them seeing the rice that I was about to put in the dumpster, and I listened as they talked/argued back & forth; and the wife was smarter than the husband & she had to keep correcting him/directing him, it was a bit funny/interesting to watch/listen to. 😀

They acted like a real couple, at some point the husband said something to me & I gave a brief reply, and his wife said something to me in response to counter her husband & I gave her a brief response as well; and then I managed to respond in a way that was a compromise to both of their positions, and that helped them resolve one of their disputes/disagreements.

I emptied the plates that I had and I put them in the dishwasher, I said goodbye to the couple, and I started walking back toward the diner for some unknown reason (maybe to consider talking to Ms. Croze again) but I turned around at the door; and my former classmate SC saw me and he called my name, and he stopped to greet me briefly.

I was surprised to see him and I had not seen him in years, but I think that he was in the dream before this because in the dream I felt that I remembered something that happened in the past, and I think that dream involved SC & some of my other former classmates or some group of people who I worked together with during a difficult situation that brought us together during that difficult situation in a special way like fellow soldiers fighting in a war together/people surviving a major disaster together/a special brotherhood/organization/group/et cetera; and even though we had not seen each other in years & had not communicated in years, when any of us saw each other again, we would get that same close feeling of a special bond that we had made/shared once long ago in the past during a difficult situation that we worked together to survive through.

Maybe we once were fellow soldiers, I am not sure, even in the dream I could not remember exactly; but I felt it/the special bond and I knew that something happened long ago that we survived by working together.

I think that the previous dream had something serious that happened and SC and the rest of our group had to survive some tough times during the dream, the dream must have felt like it took place over a long time or something, whatever it was the feeling of our special bond after surviving that dream stayed with me.

I did not feel the feeling at first, at first I felt the feeling that you sometimes get when you meet a former classmate who you have not met in a long time & I somewhat did not feel like talking at the time or being seen, but I also felt that I had seen SC not long ago like in a past memory or half-forgotten dream; and so I tried to remember that memory.

It was not until our goodbyes when SC patted me on the shoulder & held his hand there for a second, that I got the feeling of a special bond formed many years ago surviving a difficult situation with a group of people, and I knew without knowing the details & it hit me in that instant; and I stopped & I looked at him letting him know that I remembered.

It was like two old warriors/soldiers/survivors or something acknowledging an experience that brought a special bond many years ago, a type of friendship/survival bond that is hard to describe and that is shared on a group & individual level; it is something that you have to experience to understand probably.

I saw that we both were older now and he had some missing teeth & time had been hard on his body/he looked worn, so we both had that in common, but he still had that same positive/goofy personality & so that was good.

I patted him on the shoulder & held my hand there for a second & we both looked at each other with a look of knowing & nodded our heads and we said a few special good-luck/goodbye words/phrases to each other, it was like an old warrior salutation(?)/goodbye or something, like a tradition/ritual-like goodbye & we really meant what we said; and we turned to walk away.

It was good seeing that one of my comrades(?) was still alive, I think comrade(s) is the best word that I can think of how I felt toward them/him, I think that we said a special phrase/poem/motto/whatever during our special/traditional/ritual-like goodbye which might have went something like this:

“We walked/were pulled/were trapped/were caught in(to) the fire

And there we sat/were scorched/suffered/were

But we were not burned/destroyed or we survived

And we walked from the fire(s) or out of the fire(s)

And here we are/stand today”

I woke up as we walked off.

The end,

-John Jr

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