Helping The Old Version Of My Aunt JE Move To The New / Current Version Of My Aunt JE’s House?

File: Aunt Bliss.png
File: Aunt Bliss.png

Last night I got in bed too late (after 3 AM), so I only got about 4 hours of sleep.

Which is not good/healthy and to make it worse I got awakened several times by having to use the bathroom, by people making noise, and by people waking me up.

My dream recall is currently very strong, so I somehow managed to remember part of two dreams, but I forgot the first dream after going back to sleep again.

I do barely remember part of the second dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the day/morning/evening in the city of D at a fictional house in the field next to my parent’s yard where a neighbor’s mobile home should be.

My aunt JE lived in this fictional house, but my aunt JE acted/seemed somewhat like her old self before her situation got as bad as it is today.

My mom and one or two of our family members from my mom’s side of the family and I were at my aunt JE’s fictional house.

We were helping her pack up and move her stuff because she was moving to where her house is in real life further down the street in the P House that my grandfather owns.

At some point, we had mostly everything packed, I remember walking back and forth to move the stuff into the new house.

Strangely I do not remember seeing my aunt JE who we were helping move to the new house after this point.

At the new house was what seemed to be the new/current/real life version of my aunt JE and not the older version of my aunt JE who(m) we were helping pack up and move her stuff.

Even in the dream I noticed this, I wondered if there was/were somehow two versions of my aunt JE, and this confused me.

So I was going to investigate this once I finished moving all of her stuff.

I remember moving a square or rectangle-shaped piece of raw pork from a refrigerator that I rolled up with some food/meat/whatever paper and a plastic zip-lock bag.

I brought it to the new version of my aunt JE, asking her where she wanted me to put it, but she did not want it.

She seemed to be a bit depressed and mentally/emotionally/socially unstable, so she seemed to only care about sitting on her couch smoking cigarettes and doing nothing but staring in front of her blankly and watching TV.

So I was not sure what to do, I decided to wait to ask someone else like the old version of my aunt JE if she showed up again.

Then maybe my aunt ME and my cousin JE and my cousin ME came to help.

I asked them what to do with the raw pork, and they probably told me to put it in the refrigerator, regardless of what the new version of my aunt JE said.

So I probably put it in the refrigerator, and then I remember my cousin ME trying to decide how to organize the stuff in the house; and decide what things in the house should he fix and/or build (he is good with electronics and building things, probably).

The rest of us waited as my cousin ME looked around the house creating a plan in his mind before we start unpacking things and organizing them.

I was still wanting to investigate whether there were two versions of my aunt JE or not, but I got awakened from my dream by someone.

I remember having the song Take My Hand by Moloko on my mind after waking up for some unknown reason(s):

Take My Hand

The end,

  • John Jr

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