Sneaking Around A Building With A Boy

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night but I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of one dream, and this dream took place during the day in a fictional place in a nice quiet neighborhood that had sidewalks.

There was a one-story office/business/house-like building with various hallways and rooms in this neighborhood, and various things happened in this neighborhood earlier in the dream that I can not remember exactly.

I do know that maybe several of my former classmates and/or family members were in the earlier parts of the dream, and some parts of this dream possibly took place inside the building and/or one or more other buildings/houses in this neighborhood.

I think that there was a small party / gathering where maybe there was food, music, drinks, games, and hanging out and some people brought their kids as well like it was maybe a birthday party and/or something like that for a kid.

At some point everyone left and I was going to explore the building and I think that I found a boy from the party who got left behind when I was exploring the building, and something inside the building changed like there were maybe some threats inside the building now.

I remember sneaking around the building with the boy trying to avoid threats/whatever, I think that the boy had done the same before I found him, and he enjoyed sneaking around it seemed.

I probably tried to explain to him that sneaking around the building was dangerous now, I probably tried to find out who his parents’ were so that I could return him to them, and I probably tried to teach him some stealth skills as we sneaked around the building trying to escape.

I think that we had fun sneaking around and eventually we escaped outside the building, and then we probably went to find a phone so that I could call his parents’ to come get him but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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