A Dream Inspired By Queen Nazi Salute Film

Dream 1

This dream is actually several short dreams from last night that I had that were inspired by Gopher’s Lets Play Skyrim (Chapter 2) : Orc Warlock, most of them involved him experimenting with his followers and summons trying different ones and adjusting their equipment, and I was watching this hoping that he would try more of his summon spells and that he would improve their equipment; but that is all that I can remember of these dreams.

Dream 2

This dream was probably partly inspired by a news article that I read last night about some of the British Royal Family doing the Nazi salute, including Elizabeth II when she was a kid, in a recently released video clip with images printed in a magazine; I do not have the original article but here is a BBC article that seems more sympathetic toward the Royal Family compared to the original article that I read which was more negative toward them: Queen Nazi Salute Film: Palace ‘Disappointed’ At Use.

There was more to this dream but unfortunately I can only remember part of the end of the dream, which leaves me with several questions because I can not remember the earlier parts of the dream that would answer some of those questions, which took place during the day at a fictional hotel house where my Aunt JE’s house should be.

Some of my family and I were staying in one of the rooms inside this hotel house, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband and some other people with her were staying in some of the other rooms, and most of the Queen’s security team were temporarily staying at E Manor; and my family probably briefly got to talk with the Queen, and either she and/or one of her family members possibly knew us because she invited us to her party and we probably talked with one of her family members earlier in the dream (maybe a prince).

I normally avoid events but I was going to consider going to the Queen’s party, I started looking around to see if I had any clothes formal enough to wear to the party, but I did not so I decided not to attend the party without proper clothing; and I remember walking past the Queen’s room, the door was open, and some assistants and her husband were helping her with her dress for the party.

Briefly after this it was time for the party so everyone went outside in the yard by the hotel house for the party, Secret Service-like security with dark suits and dark sunglasses operating from E Manor secured the area, and the Queen stood in the middle of the party greeting everyone who came; and I remember walking through the party past the Queen and the line of people waiting to be greeted by her.

As I was passing by a woman with whitish colored skin who was not smiling and who was looking down at the ground got in line holding a letter (there was possibly a small package in it, but I am not sure), and when it was her time to meet the Queen she handed the letter to the Queen and she said: “I can’t do this anymore; I’m done.” and she walked away quickly frustrated.

To me it seemed like the Queen and this woman knew each other, I assumed that the Queen would send this woman to get and/or deliver things for her that she would rather keep secret, and that maybe the woman no longer wanted to do this so she was quitting; but as I was walking to the yard of E Manor I suddenly heard people making sounds like something terrible happened at the party, and so I turned around to walk back to the party to see what happened.

I saw the security running around in a panic to secure and search the area, the Queen was dead on the ground, but I was not sure if she just died naturally or if she was assassinated by poison or something like that; and I wondered if it had anything to do with the woman who had just given her the letter a few seconds ago.

Surprisingly the security did not stop me as I started walking back to E Manor, the rest of her security team were just finishing packing up their equipment out of E Manor and taking it away in blackish colored sport utility vehicles, while some of them stayed behind to secure the crime scene and collect evidence and investigate.

I saw a female member of the security team with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair who was not wearing sunglasses or dressed up who stayed behind after clearing the equipment from E Manor, she seemed to be doing most of the collected of evidence as she was waited for more people to arrive to help and investigate, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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