Wearing A Nice Suit In A Shopping Mall

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I had several dreams last night but I only barely remember part of one interesting dream that probably had transitions, layers, possible dreams within dreams, experiments, and more that were sometimes controlled and taken over/interrupted by several different groups including possibly several different groups of aliens in the dream; but I did not voice record the dream, and so I have forgotten most of it unfortunately.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the dream now is several unclear and out-of-order dream fragments, one dream fragment took place during the day in maybe my parent’s yard, and I noticed that one of the automobiles in my parent’s yard had a flat tire; but that is all that I can remember of that.

Dream 3

Another dream fragment was normal as well but I can not remember the details, later I remember wearing a very nice suit and I looked good and professional and rich (I guess I saw my reflection on a window, I had a clean shave and a haircut, and the suit was a light-to-medium color that was maybe blueish gray or some color(s) that I can not remember), and my former male classmate JC was with me but I can not remember if he had a suit or not.

We went to a fictional shopping mall during the day, I remember us walking in less crowded areas around the outer ring of the mall, and I remember getting a lot of positive attention because I was wearing such a nice suit; and so people would glance at me, smile, nod, et cetera which was pretty cool even though I do not like getting attention.

I think that my former classmate JC and I were going to use this to our advantage to possibly walk through areas of the mall that are normally restricted but I am not sure, I remember us walking around somewhere without being bothered like people thought that I/we were high-level people who possible owned the building or some of the businesses, and there was more that happened but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 4

Another dream fragment or several dream fragments were confusing and unclear, I think that several people and I were transitioned between dream worlds and dreams and various experiments controlled by one or more alien groups and/or other groups and/or entities, and at first it started small with normal hide-and-seek and/or tag games and other things like that; but then things slowly got more dangerous, and they added threats that could kill people.

I remember being outside during the day at E Manor, we were sneaking around, and an unknown threat was killing people; and I remember seeing Aaron Chiz from YouTube, and both of us joined forces to sneak around; and when we were about to sneak inside E Manor we heard people getting killed by an unknown creäture, and so we had to sneak away from the door as a maybe shadowy or dark creäture left the house to search for us and the other survivors.

I think that the aliens and/or whoever else was running these experiments were watching us from somewhere else where we could not see them but I possibly would sometimes see clips of them in my mind watching us from maybe a dark room with monitors, and when Aaron and I were sneaking by my dead grandfather CE’s boat to avoid the creäture who was close to finding us an alien or another alien group and/or something like that interfered with the experiment trying to stop the other aliens/whoever from experimenting on us maybe.

Suddenly everything in dream world went black like someone turned out the lights, complete darkness, and I thought that I was blind for a moment and so I whispered to Aaron asking him if he could see anything and he could see nothing either; but then things went back to normal, some other things happened, but I can not remember.

I think that maybe the other alien/aliens/whoever gave us an opening to escape from this experiment to another dream world/dream, maybe to another dream/dream world from earlier, but I can not remember; but I think that this is what happened, and I probably moved between several layers and dreams and dream worlds avoiding one or more alien groups/whoever and/or trying to undo some of their experiments.

This dream was more interesting and detailed than this but I can not remember the rest now unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr

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