A Wedding And A Boy Band On Fire And An Armed Christian Anti-Muslim Merchant

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place inside a shopping mall-like building that had some house-like areas in it like those areas were used for special events, and it seemed that a wedding and wedding reception were to take place there during the dream.

I was probably dressed up and was attending the wedding and then was going to attend the wedding reception, some of my family members were probably part of this as well along with some fictional unknown people, and before the wedding started I explored part of the shopping mall (mall) areas where other people were walking around shopping.

Near a large food court-like and open central area of the mall there were some business stands with merchants selling various things, one of these merchants was a short man with dark-brown skin with black hair wearing a white apron who somewhat reminded me of the character Carlton Banks from the television series The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, and he had several of his children working with him who also had dark-brown skin with black hair.

This merchant and his children were followers of Christianity (Christians) and they would try to preach to and convert people passing by and those who bought things from them, they would talk and maybe sing and hand out pamphlets and maybe bibles et cetera, and they were very dedicated in doing this so they stopped me several times during the dream trying to spread their religion to me.

During this part of the dream something happened that I can only barely remember where the merchant pulled out a black maybe compact pistol (I guess he had a concealed carry license because this pistol was hidden on him probably under his white apron) and he shot at a man who he thought was a follower of Islam (Muslim) and who he thought was a threat because maybe he thought that he was arguing with a woman who was probably another merchant, and the merchant seemed to hate followers of Islam (Muslims) so it seemed that he looked for any excuse to try to shoot them when he could.

I probably got the merchant to stop shooting at the man and fortunately no one was hurt, it turned out that the man was no threat and it was just a misunderstanding that he had with the female merchant, and it was not even an argument between them.

After this shooting and talking with them several times and exploring parts of the mall I went to the wedding in the house-like and reception-like areas, and on my way there I met a woman with white skin with long brown hair in an outdated hairstyle wearing an outdated style puffy bottom (whatever) dress (like in an old American Western film) who probably looked somewhat like the nightcomer (witch) Hecate Poole from the television series Penny Dreadful.

This woman and I started a conversation as we entered the wedding, after the wedding we walked to the wedding reception in the next room, and a boy band (they were men who seemed to be somewhat based on The Backstreet Boys) were going to have a short concert so most people were going to wait a bit longer before eating and drinking et cetera.

The boy band started their concert but something went wrong and a small fire started, they got caught on fire on their clothes (one had a small fire on the bottom on his pants and I can not remember where the fire was on the others) and they tried to put it out, and then their backstage crew ran out to help them.

We were going to help but the backstage crew made us stay back, they were struggling to put the small fires out on their clothes, and so they all ran backstage because things seemed serious now and they did not want everyone to see this and they were panicking.

Emergency services were probably called and so the wedding reception was on hold until this was over, I could not see what was happening backstage, and at some point the woman and I walked around the mall talking until the wedding reception started back.

While we were walking and talking in the large open area where the food court and merchants were there was a disturbance near me involving a man who was assumed to be a follower of Islam (Muslim) who had brown skin, and the Christian merchant from earlier pulled out his pistol again and he started shooting even though the woman and I and other people were all standing close to each other and everyone was unarmed.

People started running and screaming and taking cover, I heard bullets flying by me like the merchant was shooting at me, and then I noticed that the assumed Muslim man was running but the merchant was shooting in my direction.

I took cover and I asked why he was shooting at me, I explained that I did not do anything et cetera, and I tried to get him to stop shooting at me; and eventually it worked, but the woman with me probably got grazed by a bullet on her shoulder slightly so part of her dress was torn and she had a small cut and she was bleeding but not too badly.

I asked the merchant why he was shooting at me, he said that his mistook me for the Muslim man, and then I explained that it still would have been wrong for him to shoot at the Muslim man because no one’s life was in danger and you can not just shoot people because you hate them and/or their religion; and I explained that his actions did not seem very Christian-like to me, and that he should not own a gun because he is clearly not responsible enough.

I told him that he was lucky that no one was killed or seriously injured, I told him how he had injured the woman, and that what he did was illegal and so he was probably going to get arrested and possibly charged for attempted murder; and that he would probably deserve it.

I found out that the Muslim man who he wanted to shoot this time, had probably robbed someone, but that still did not justify shooting him.

I probably helped the woman wrap her wound as we waited for the police and ambulance to arrive, maybe I took the pistol from the merchant as well but I can not remember, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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