Finding Hostages Of My Former Classmate SS

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was living at a college where I was a student living in a large college dorm suite with other people (students), we all had our own room in this dorm suite, and we all shared a large open carpeted room.

Between the door to my room and the door to the room next to mine was a golf cart-like vehicle, I saw it as I was leaving my room and I was probably somewhat dressed up, and I was greeted by a woman with yellow/white skin with long black hair who spoke English with a South Korean accent and who was probably from South Korea.

She commented that I must be successful and rich because of the dorm suite and the golf cart-like vehicle and how I was probably dressed up, she was possibly lost and looking for someone and/or somewhere, and I explained how I was actually poor and unsuccessful and that the golf cart-like vehicle belonged to someone else.

Later in the dream I remember seeing my former male classmate SS at the college, this was my first time seeing him in person in many years, and during our conversation I found out that the woman who I had talked to earlier was his mother even though she looked younger and a bit different from his mother and I noticed that my former classmate SS was acting very strange and he somewhat hinted during our conversation that he had three men held hostage in three different locations.

After our conversation I remember leaving with my male cousin DE to find these three locations to see if my former male classmate really did have three male hostages or not, I hoped that I was wrong, and we found the first location during the day.

At this location we found a man with white skin bound and gagged to a chair sitting down and he was still alive, my fears were correct and I was shocked and confused, and for several unknown reasons we did not free him or call the police.

I had several reasons for this that I can not remember, one was I probably wanted to make sense of the situation before calling the police because I was trying to figure out if there was a legitimate reason for my former classmate SS to do something like this because this was not like him at all, but I still felt bad about leaving the man there until I could decide what to do.

My cousin DE and I left and we found the second location which was an old RV (recreational vehicle) that you could also drive that was next to another RV, there were people in the other RV so we quietly went inside the other RV to avoid being seen or heard, and when we passed the driver’s area a message came through on the front console like we had triggered a motion sensor.

It was my uncle CE calling for my former classmate SS, my cousin DE and I stayed quiet hoping that he would not hear us, and I was confused about how my uncle CE knew my former classmate SS and I hoped that he was not involved with holding these men hostage.

We were afraid that the noise of my uncle CE would alert the people in the other RV so we rushed to the back of the RV to open the bathroom, and inside the bathroom we found a man or young man with white skin bound and gagged to a chair sitting down so he was the second hostage.

I almost called the police but I still wanted to find the third hostage and hopefully make sense of what was going on, I was also afraid that the police would think that we were involved and/or would arrest us for not calling them sooner, and so we tried to avoid touching things directly with our hands by using our shirts and we tried to wipe away our fingerprints.

A somewhat older man with white skin in the other RV heard the noise of my uncle CE and he started looking out the window, my cousin DE and I hid until he stopped looking out of the window, and then we sneaked to my automobile to leave to find the third location and the third hostage.

Once again I felt bad for leaving another hostage behind for now, I hoped that they would be okay until I could figure out what was going on before calling for help, but I woke up as we drove away to find the third location and the third hostage.

The end,

-John Jr


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